10 Must-Watch Health Documentaries on Amazon Prime


As we traverse the complex journey of life, maintaining good health is a top priority for many. In the era of digital advancements, we are fortunate to have a wealth of resources at our disposal, including health documentaries. This article is a comprehensive review of the finest health documentaries available on Amazon Prime.

Chapter 1: The Importance of Health Documentaries

Health documentaries are enlightening, unveiling essential aspects of our wellbeing that are often neglected. They simplify intricate health topics, making them comprehensible to a general audience. Whether it’s gaining insights about the consequences of our food choices or realizing the significance of mental health, these films are an indispensable tool.

Chapter 2: A Broad Spectrum of Health Documentaries on Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime boasts a varied selection of health documentaries, each addressing different facets of health and wellness. Here are some significant films that warrant your attention:

  1. Fed Up: This documentary delves into America’s obesity problem, scrutinizing the food industry’s and government’s role in this crisis.
  2. What The Health: A thought-provoking film that questions conventional beliefs about diet and chronic illnesses.
  3. Take Your Pills: An in-depth examination of the world of prescribed stimulants and their societal impacts.

Chapter 3: Dissecting Notable Health Documentaries on Amazon Prime

This chapter provides an in-depth review of some of the most influential health documentaries on Amazon Prime, examining their content and relevance.

  1. “Fed Up” – A Detailed Examination: Fed Up offers an insightful study into America’s obesity crisis, tracing its origins to the food industry and governmental policies. It underscores the harmful effects of processed foods and sugar on our health, encouraging viewers to rethink their food habits.

    Health Documentaries on Amazon Prime
  2. Decoding “What The Health”: What The Health is an innovative documentary that challenges traditional views about diet and disease. The film suggests that several chronic diseases can be prevented or even reversed with a plant-based diet, presenting persuasive scientific evidence to back its assertions.

    overcoming obesity achieving health inspiring transformation stories

  3. Analyzing “Take Your Pills”: Take Your Pills focuses on the growing use of prescription stimulants like Adderall and Ritalin in our fast-paced world. It questions the ethical aspects and potential health hazards of this trend, igniting a crucial discussion about mental health and productivity.

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Chapter 4: The Power and Influence of Health Documentaries

Health documentaries wield immense influence on our society, shaping public perceptions and swaying policy decisions. They heighten awareness about vital health issues, motivating viewers to improve their health. Furthermore, they act as a potent tool for advocacy, effecting change at both personal and systemic levels.


Health Documentaries on Amazon Prime offer valuable insights into diverse health and wellness topics. They stimulate thought, ignite conversations, and inspire change. Through these films, we gain a deeper comprehension of our health, enabling us to make informed choices that bolster our wellbeing. Immerse yourself in the world of health documentaries on Amazon Prime and embark on a quest for improved health.

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