That’s his job!

I am starting a new six-month round of chemo, without Pepper. This Corona Virus business just got personal! Patients can not have visitors. This is an all day treatment, so instead of having to sit 6-7 hours in the car, I sent him home. Craziness!

While I understand that it is important during this time, we are OPPOSED! Not only do I not have a chance to take photos of him sleeping, he is not here to entertain me. THAT IS HIS JOB! BOOOO!


Another round 😷

I hate masks, but love this sweet guy! ❤️

So, we knew the tumor markers were slightly increasing during this past six-month round of preventative chemo.

I have been ready to jump on it, but my oncologist, Dr. Jillian Hill, said my body needed the break. That was mid-January and the tumor markers were at 5.5.

Two months later, the tumor markers are now up to 14.8 — not horrible but not great. (To be in remission, your markers must be under 2.5) We will be starting back on regular chemo on Monday. It will be the full course of four medicines, including taking home “the bag” of 5FU again. I HATE the bag!

Another fun element — Dr. Jeffrey Howard wants to do more chemo embolisms. I did this two years ago where they drop chemo beads directly into a lobe of the liver, going through a vein in the upper thigh. I’m ready!

I have been BEGGING for this! If it will wipe out the tumors, I am all for it! It wiped out most of the tumors last time, and two were healing. In January, the liver was stable, and there were no changes in the sizes of the tumors. Now, those two have shown growth, and there is a small new third tumor. Don’t get me wrong, this is a lot to do physically, but worth it! It is scheduled for April 7 in Tupelo.

I knew I would likely be back on chemo for six more months. I have been trying to prep Pepper and the family about a possible extra six months, well, a year if you include the six months of preventative to follow.

Y’all, God is SO GOOD! To have the doctors and nurses and medicines to take care of this problem, and for surrounding me with such amazing family and friends and PEPPER, #GODISGOOD! GOD IS AMAZING! I am incredibly blessed and I am bombarded with that knowledge every day — even the rough days.

So for all those who I have been threatening to visit all summer, you can escape another year! I was planning a big “coming out” party in May. (I live that “quarantine life” year-round!) I have been telling people that I am going to visit so much, people will get sick of me!

Enjoy your year’s reprive, but get prepared for May 2021! I will be everywhere!!!!! I will be making up for lost time, people! And know that I do not have a problem with being annoying! PREPARE YOURSELVES!!!