#FRIDAYFOOD Memorial Day side dishes for the cookout

I have had a lot of great Memorial Day celebrations over the years. As a newspaper reporter, you have the opportunity to cover many celebrations and “work” on days that everyone else has as a holiday. While it may have been annoying, those days taught me so much.

One Memorial Day, I spent covering funeral of U.S. soldier from Webster County.  I had covered military funerals in the past but this one was so impactful because it was held on Memorial Day. That day was so special to me, even though I did not know the family. It showed me the true meaning of Memorial Day.  Continue reading

#GODISGOOD  Chemo-embo

The two tiny places on my liver are malignant. They will be calling to set up appointments for chemo embolism –we will be going through a vein to the liver to shoot the two tiny places directly with chemo. Dr. Hill said all of his patients have had great success with “chemo-embo”! It will take two or three visits with a new doctor–Dr. Howard–who specializes in this procedure. They will call to set appointments when it is approved by insurance. This is the easiest of all the options and we are so blessed! #GODISGOOD 

Searching for more answers but #incrediblyblessed 

We are going in this morning for a biopsy of two places on my liver that are too small for the PET Scan to detect. We will know the results on Wednesday when we see Dr. Hill.

Pepper is still singing and dancing! He is on a Conway and Loretta kick this week! Please pray that Conway and Loretta doesn’t send me smooth over the edge of sanity (HA!!) and please pray for Pepper and all those who watch people they love go through something difficult. I am so proud of him. I don’t know that I could be so brave if it were him instead of me. 

I certainly do not know as many HEE HAW  songs!

A little more odd news…

So…a little more odd news. I have two tiny lesions in my liver , one on the left, and the other on the right. They are too small to be detected on a PET scan. I will have a biopsy soon to see if they are benign or malignant and depending on the results, go from there. Please keep us in your prayers! 

Cherrie Winter Dance Studio’s Spring Recital