WEBSTER COUNTY SERIES: Mathiston is home to a lot of good people

library_cain_WoodCollegeCathredralMathiston Mayor Jimmy Carden said Mathiston is full of good people who have lived here all of their lives.

“When someone needs a hand, there is someone here in Mathiston who will give it to them, to care for them and love them,” Carden said. “I love everything about Mathiston. You live where you chose and there’s no other place in the world for me. It is personal and personable. It’s home, and what better place is there to be?”

Carden said in Mathiston, the schools and the park system are very important aspects of community life.

“We are all about the kids,” Carden said. “We spend a lot of money to make the quality of life better for residents, especially the children. It is important.” Continue reading