#FRIDAYFOOD — A Southern Favorite: Pimento Cheese

You will find them at just about every Southern gathering and everyone has a different way to make it, but make no mistake, people LOVE pimento cheese sandwiches.

There are people like me who prefer it as a dip with Scoops chips, and there are those who are very particular about their ingredients. I interviewed a lady one time who put Ranch dressing mix in her pimento cheese recipe.

Jessie Frye said she liked her pimento cheese sandwiches on thick sliced bread and toasted!

“Ms. Addie Gary used to make the best pimento cheese,” Frye said. “Wish I had got her recipe! Have tried different recipes, but none like hers!!” (If anyone has Addie Gary’s recipe for pimento cheese, please send to gwenwoodssisson@yahoo.com. THANKS!) Continue reading

#FRIDAYFOOD Southern favorites

“Naner puddin'”

Is there food that is unique to Mississippi? I am not sure. I am afraid that almost all of our traditional foods are served throughout the South.
When I was in the fourth grade, we moved to Mattoon, Ill. and there were issues in purchasing things like Blue Plate mayonnaise, grits and white cornmeal. This was pre-internet and on visits back to Mississippi, we would stock up.
In college, friends that were raised outside of the South (Bless your hearts) had never heard of foods like banana pudding. That is sad to me. Continue reading