Carolyn Moore — Breast Cancer Survivor


Carolyn Moore sharing her testimony of how God delivered her through cancer and how He continues to work today at the #PAINTWINONAPINK event held recently in Winona. (Photo by Gwen Sisson)


When Carolyn Moore got to an emotional point in her presentation, Shelton Moore got up to stand beside her. He put his hand on her back and the whole room teared up! (Photo by Gwen Sisson)

He walked beside her every step of the way.

There was hardly a dry eye at Winona Baptist Church when Carolyn Moore was sharing her testimony about her breast cancer journey for the Paint Winona Pink event. But when she spoke of her family’s unwaivering love and support and she started to become emotional, her husband walked up and put his arm around her shoulder to comfort her, everyone in the building was emotional.

Shelton Moore didn’t say a word. He didn’t have to.

“I thank God for my wonderful husband, who refused to leave the room during chemo, despite my insisting that he go downstairs or take a drive,” Moore said. “Thanks to my daughter and son who were with me every step of the way. I also thank other family, friends or anyone else that said a prayer, or even just thought of me in any manner.” Continue reading