FBC Eupora students return to Mission Arlington

download4First Baptist Church of Eupora’s Student Minister Kevin Barnette said, as a student, Mission Arlington trips were pivotal in his view of local missions, and it is an opportunity he wants FBC Eupora students to share.

“It was life changing for me in the fact that things we do there are essentially things that we can do in our community,” Barnette said. “Mission Arlington isn’t a magical place where they are doing some secret program. They are just normal people, like you and I, that are following God’s command in reaching their community. Sometimes we have to think simply in order for God to use us in a mighty way.”

FBC Eupora students and volunteer leaders will make the trip June 6-13 to Mission Arlington in Arlington, Texas, where they will be conducting a mini Vacation Bible School in different apartment complexes around the area. Students will also have the opportunity to participate in various service projects around the city, including everything from passing out flyers for local churches, working in the food pantry or clothes closet, or picking up and delivering furniture to families in need.  Continue reading

End it!

20140227-184202.jpgRed “X”s are everywhere today.

While it is not a topic much discussed in America, the last Thursday in February has been designated “Red X” Day to raise awareness  that 27 million people are being held in slavery around the world.
Human trafficking, bonded labor and forced labor are all part of a “hidden” population of slaves around the world. The CNN Freedom Project defines slavery as “occurring when one person completely controls another person, using violence or the threat of violence to maintain that control, exploits them economically, pays them nothing and they cannot walk away.”
Members of First Baptist Church of Eupora in Eupora, Miss., first became aware of the End It Movement’s campaign to bring awareness to the issue of slavery following the Passion Conference in Atlanta, Ga. in January. Conference attendees were encouraged to bring awareness to their home churches and communities. Continue reading