Goal is $35,000 for Winston County’s Relay for Life

387f38ab0b004677a79e4d900a417f0eWith just a few days left before Winston County’s Relay for Life event, there’s still time to help teams make their goal of $35,000 for The American Cancer Society.

“Last year we raised $ 31,763 and as of this date we are behind by about $5,000 from the same time last year,” said Laura McKee, Relay for Life specialist for the Mid-South Division of the American Cancer Society. “Hopefully, we will make that up on Bank night and the night of the event. Winston County teams have a wonderful night planned lots of different activities and some great food.”

This year’s event is set for May 2, 2014 at the Louisville High School football field. This year’s theme will be “Winston County Does Not Toy with Cancer.” Continue reading

Winston County Relay for Life set for May 2

387f38ab0b004677a79e4d900a417f0e“Relay for Life is an important event for Winston County because cancer has affected too many in our community,” said Brandi Krajewski, chairperson for the 2014 Winston County Relay for Life.

“At one time, cancer was one of the leading causes of death in our county,” Krajewski said.  “However, cancer still ranks the second leading cause of death in Winston County. I think those statistics alone should be enough reason for individuals to want to come out and be active in this event. There is no company in this entire universe who operates with out funds. By us relaying, we provide the American Cancer Society with funds to pay for research.  It is very important that we as an entire community get involved and support this cause.” Continue reading