Halloween: Sharing a few memories


At a Fall Festival at Bellefontaine UMC many years ago, me and Pepper dressed up as black-eyed peas. We thought we were funny, but not everyone caught on! HA!


For many, Halloween holds a lot of fun memories.

Whether it was fishing for prizes at the Halloween Carnival at Eupora Elementary School or getting to wear the Superman costume you have wanted each year, but finally found, Halloween was a time of innocent fun and moments that will never be forgotten.

Christie Bailey Colvin of Tomnolan said her favorite Halloween years were those we spent on the Navy base.

“There were kids for hours,” Colvin said. “I remember buying five paper grocery bags of candy and running out! We all spent the evening outside, enjoying the neighbors.” Continue reading

Locals reflect on 9/11 anniversary


Most Mississippians were going about their typical morning routines on September 11, 2001, but it was one of those days in the history of the nation that everyone can recall exactly where they were when they learned the news.

Stephanie Bullard, Murray Collum and Amy Schepemaker were attending classes at Wood Junior College in Mathiston on that fateful day.

“Several of us were hanging out in the library at Wood Junior waiting for our next class to begin,” said Stephaine Bullard. “Someone came in and turned the television on when the news started reporting what had happened. I remember us all being in shock and disbelief hearing the news reports.

Collum said they did not continue classes that day, but about 250 Wood Junior students gathered at the flagpole to pray for the nation and the families and friends of those killed or injured in the attacks. Continue reading

Richter speaks about repentance at Lenten Lunch

10151205_499586150147907_3952477289333319386_nRev. Raleigh Richter of Lebanon UMC and Bellefontaine UMC speaking today at Lenten Lunch about repentance. Today concludes the Lenten Lunch series at Eupora’s First United Methodist Church. Richter said “we need to repent because we are broken people. And broken people break others. When we repent, God gives us peace. A heavy burden has been lifted. Repentance is a gift from God.”


See this photo in the May 1, 2014 edition of The Webster Progress Times at http://websterprogresstimes.com/2014/05/01/lenten-lunch-4/