#FRIDAYFOOD — Sweet Treats for Halloween


I am ready for Halloween!

Do you remember homemade popcorn balls and caramel apples at Halloween? I remember my mom making popcorn balls for the Halloween Carnival at Pine Forest Church – many, many years ago. Of course, there were Halloween treats and homemade candy and every good thing.

My brother, Jeremy, and I have always loved popcorn so it was so hard to help make popcorn balls that didn’t get eaten first! Who cares about treats for the go-fishing booth at the Halloween Carnival!?! A few did make it to church, but not as many as my mom would have liked. I don’t think she asked us to help with that treat again!

Beth Collum said she remembers watching her grandmother, Ora Bell Connell, making homemade popcorn balls and going to Woodmen of the World camp with Charles Putman. She remembers going through the haunted house way out there in the country.

Jean Kilgore of Stewart said she remembers all of the fun times she had at Halloween growing up in Stewart – “we always had a great time!”

I also remember trick-or-treating in Stewart growing up before you really had to worry about those treats that were not pre-packaged. I remember Nola Ann Crouch of Stewart putting tissue over round lollipops and making smiley faced ghosts. I was so impressed with that. I thought she was so creative!

You did come home with many pre-packaged treats, but back then, just as many homemade Halloween goodies. Continue reading