HILL FIRE: Of Life and Lemons

20160920_175853_resizedFinding the good in a bad situation is a running theme in this year’s Hill Fire production, “Of Life and Lemons” set for Oct. 1,2, 6 and 8 at the Montgomery County Performing Arts Center.

“Of Life and Lemons” is a comedy/drama set in 1930 in a rural Mississippi town. There are multiple storylines, but one particular story centers around a mother and her children who come home to family after the break up of a marriage. Tragedy continues to follow them and leaves a young boy struggling to find the good in a bad situation. Other stories provide the comic relief for the play and include scenes with a neighborhood busybody and with a store owner who provides general goods with a little legal advice on the side.

“I love the drama being displayed in one of the stories,” said Elizabeth Eldridge, playwright and director for this year’s play. “Without giving anything away, there are some scenes that give us all chills every time we watch them. We are going somewhere we’ve never been before with one of the stories.  The actors are really going to bring it.”   Continue reading

Hill Fire is not community theatre, it is ‘theatre genealogy’

Hill Fire's Athens of Mississippi 008A (2)“Montgomery County’s Folk-Life Play” is not your typical community theatre, it is “theatre genealogy” — telling true stories of ordinary people from a small community.

Through this project, Southern culture, traditions and local history are researched, documented and introduced to future generations. At its foundation, Hill Fire works to preserve the oral accounts of Southern customs by those who still remember.

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