#FALLFASHION Tips from Jaime Lynn’s in North Carrollton

Jamie Carpenter from Jamie Lynn’s in North Carrollton said brushed velvet and embroderied clothing and shoes –something she never thought she would like –is back in a big way this fall!

Carpenter also said some of the hottest trends she is seeing this fall includes:

  • A lot of hunter green
  • Basic skinny jeans
  • Booties and wedges
  • Fabric jewelry
  • Lots of layering
  • Tassel earings–with mismatched tassels.

This story was part of a larger feature story for The Winona Times and The Conservative published September 28, 2017.


Built in 1843, Cotesworth began as a coach stop on the old Grenada Road, a well-traveled route from Holly Springs to Natchez. In 1847, James Zachariah George leased the house along with acres of rolling farm land. He later purchased the home and property in 1861. J.Z. George was a member of the U.S. Senate from 1881 until his death in 1897. He and his wife, Bettie, raised nine children in this Greek Revival-style home. George is credited as the primary author of the 1890 Mississippi Constitution. As a tribute to his many achievements as a member of the Senate, a statue of George stands in the U.S. Capitol. For some, Cotesworth may seem familiar. In the blockbuster movie, “The Help,” the home became the Foote Plantation, as many scenes were shot at the home.

Creepy Hill: ‘It’s going to be scary!’


By day, the sweet nature trail behind the Carroll County Recreation Park in North Carrollton, but this Halloween, it will be a whole other experience.

Creepy Hill was open last Saturday night, but will return Oct. 29 and Oct. 31 (not open on Sunday). Creepy Hill is $10 per person with proceeds going to the Jaguar Booster Club. The “creepy, scary” fun starts “when it gets dark”—around 7 p.m.

The trail is located in the back of the Carroll County Recreation Park in North Carrollton and Recreation Director Brian Randall said it is “going to be scary.”

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