#TUESDAYTIP: Churches — stay in touch with your college students

As a campus minister, Hugh Griffith, director of the Wesley Foundation at Mississippi State University encourages churches to stay in touch with their students at college. 

“Hopefully the students will go to church when they are back home,” Griffith said. “A church could also reach out their students while they’re away.”

Griffith said when he was a student at Mississippi State, the associate pastor from his home church (located five hours away) came all the way to Starkville to take him and others from his home church out to dinner and to visit. 

“That’s a great move for a church!” Griffith said.

Making college students feel welcome and connected

College is an incredibly formative time in the life of a student and it is an important time to make important decisions about faith.

Hugh Griffith, director of the Wesley Foundation at Mississippi State University, said college students are going to grow and develop in some way — positively or negatively — during their college experience, so it is urgent and crucial that students grow and develop in good and godly ways. 

“College students are ‘good soil,’ to borrow the image from Jesus’ parable in Matthew 13,” Griffith said. “There’s urgency in the fact not only good seed grows in good soil, but whatever is planted in good soil will grow and bear fruit, whether the fruit is desirable or not.  Wesley Foundation sows good seed–Kingdom seed–Gospel seed– in the good soil of college students.”

Griffith said “campus ministry serves students when they are away from home and no longer receiving the ministry of their home church like they did during their growing up days.”

There are a wide variety of campus ministries for students to experience on campus this fall, and many students who are in the area over the weekends may have the opportunity to visit local churches. Continue reading

Bishop visits MSU Wesley to discuss Africa University

IMG_0273 As part of his recent visit to the Golden Triangle area, Bishop James Swanson stopped by the Mississippi State University Wesley Foundation to discuss education.

But the educational opportunities the Bishop discussed, was not concerning MSU students. His focus was to encourage local leaders to help support the Mississippi-Africa University Partnership, a college formed in Zimbabwe in 1992 by the United Methodist Church.

Under Swanson’s leadership, the Mississippi Conference has pledged to provide Africa University with 10 endowed scholarships in the amount of $130,000 each. Every local church in the Mississippi Conference is challenged to participate.

Bishop James E. Swanson Sr. has extended an invitation to Mississippi United Methodists asking them to support the 2015 Mission Offering that is designated to Africa University. This offering will be received during the 2015 Session of the Mississippi Annual Conference in June. Continue reading