#FRIDAYFOOD Favorites from the Senator’s kitchen

Lydia Chassaniol said her mother was a good cook, and Lydia often hung around in the kitchen. She said she learned by “osmosis.” 
When she was in the 8th grade, all of the girls had to take home economics.
“The first thing we learned to make was white sauce,” Chassaniol said. “Although we didn’t know it at the time, it’s the basis of many French sauces. Mrs. Minnie Lee King was our teacher.” 
When Lydia first started cooking, her brother, Bob Graves was her guinea pig. She said he was the only person “brave enough to try what I cooked.” 
“I see food as edible art and read cookbooks like some people read novels,” Chassaniol said. “Julia Child said once you’ve mastered basic techniques you don’t really need to use a recipe. I usually just see what’s on special at the grocery and go from there. When I find a method that works, I write it down.”

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#FRIDAYFOOD Tailgating in the Grove


Randy, Mimi and Vaiden Taylor tailgating in the Grove with Lydia Chassaniol. (Photo submitted)


Family, friends and football – the true Southern Fall experience.

We are early in the college football season but despite the hot temperatures, you will still find the same crowds of people lining the campus to enjoy the day.

Ashleigh Tindall Flora and her husband Jeremy, love tailgating in the Grove! Ashleigh said they love anything unique!  Jeremy recently took fried alligator and caramel cake to the Alabama game. Ashleigh said the Grove is an event, not just a meal!

Mississippi District 14 Senator Lydia Chassaniol and the family, are also among those tailgating in the Grove at The University of Mississippi campus in Oxford for every home game.

“The best part of tailgating is the different generations coming together to enjoy a great sporting afternoon,” Chassaniol said. “Seeing old friends and teaching new fans our traditions-it gives a great sense of continuity and family.” Continue reading