#FRIDAYFOOD Fall Soups 2017 – Part 1

It is getting a little chilly outside and what could be better than a piping hot cup of soup and a cornbread muffin? YUM! Just thinking about it makes me happy.

Now Bob Graves thinks it is Beef Stew time, “Soup is for lightweights,” he said, all in good humor, I am sure, because the rest of us “lightweights” love a steaming, hearty bowl of soup! But I will indulge one of my favorite Facebook friends for a minute. Continue reading

Fall picnic @ Little Mountain

2014-10-26 14.30.12

Every year, Bellefontaine UMC & friends gather for a Fall Picnic at Little Mountain…we have fantastic food such as Aunt Joyce’s grilled chicken or Sandra’s baked beans. After we are so full we can hardly stand ourselves, we walk the trails. It was a beautiful day to enjoy great friends, great food and God’s creation together. Continue reading