Like many artists, he would go back and forth. Sometimes he loved it. Other times, he would take a break to deal with life.

But pottery has been a lifetime passion for John Malone. He says he loves “the spontaneity and the immediacy of creating a piece.” And it is that love that drives him to make pottery that is both beautiful and useful.

“(I love) seeing a lifeless lump of clay become alive with function,” Malone said. “Then altering that form to create something different and unique.” Continue reading



Jacy Surrell and Jeri Faye Purnell checking out some of the baby and monogrammed items at Pas Tymes in Winona.


Leah Garrott and Emily Nesbitt of Pas Tymes said people are buying a lot of vinyl items and monograms.

Garrott of Pas Tymes said people were really getting out this year.

“A lot of people are shopping,” Garrott said. “It has been busy, but everything seems to be going great!”


Virginia Richardson and Eula Mae Richardson are checking out some of the cute tops at Pas Tymes in Winona.


Cheryl Small presents Stacey Lott with the door prize, a Mary Kay Peach Satin Hands set, at Pas Tymes during the recent Christmas Open House event. Mollie Lott also had the opportunity to “hint” for a few gifts this weekend shopping in Winona with her mom.