#FRIDAYFOOD Great American Pie Month Part II


Chocolate Chess Pie made by Charla Boatman for my birthday this year! One of the best gift’s ever! YUM!

February is Great American Pie Month and in honor of such a special occasion, I asked Facebook and Twitter friends to share their favorite pies. There were a variety of answers from apple to rhubarb to tomato.

One of our favorite Sunday Lunch desserts at the Sisson House is cherry pie. Personally, I love any dessert that has cherry pie filling – cheesecake, turnovers, cherry-filled doughnuts, or just cherry pie filling right out of the jar! Love, Love, Love!

An easy-breezy treat I make for church potlucks is mini cherry cheesecake bites, using mini muffin cupcake tins to set the mixture from the Jell-O No Bake Cheesecake mix. My nieces, Georgia and Maggie, love this easy dessert! I always set a few aside for them to take home. And my husband, Pepper, is the “clean-up crew” – the leftovers are his! But you never use a whole can of cherry pie filling, so the next morning, I will buy Pillsbury crescent rolls and stuff cherry pie filling and a dot of butter and fold the dough over and seal the edges. I bake them for 10 minutes at 350 degrees. I think Pepper would eat them every morning!

While others may make their own cherry pie filling, I am not a purist. Canned pie filling is wonderful inside a prepared pie crust. Who cares when it is served hot with a scoop of vanilla ice cream?! Lots of friends love cherry pie, including Bryan Carrubba, Beth Crawford, Kristina Perry, Nancy Latham and Carolyn Swanson. Cheryl Wells said she likes a creamy cherry pie.

A few people like a good blackberry pie, but as a girl who has picked blackberries, it is not worth the briar thorns, scratches and blood loss. Lisa Vaughan is willing to suffer! Continue reading

#FRIDAYFOOD Celebrating Great American Pie Month – Part 1

Chocolate Meringue PieEveryone asks her to make one. One year, I tried to duplicate it for a holiday gathering and the moaning and gnashing of teeth was more than I could stand.

My mom makes a GREAT chocolate pie. It is one of those dishes she is “known” for in our community. That Thanksgiving I made a chocolate pie, it was too dark, too compact, the meringue was not right and overall, it was not mom’s! “Why didn’t Betty just make the chocolate pie?” Continue reading