#FRIDAYFOOD I scream for ice cream!

“I scream, you scream, we all love ice cream” and in celebration of National Ice Cream Month, there’s no better time than July to cool down with a scoop or two. #NationalIceCreamMonth

I have always loved vanilla and chocolate together. Not a strawberry ice cream girl, due to a strawberry milk incident at Camp Garawaya when I was in the third grade. They had us make Brunswick stew out in the woods and had strawberry milk for us to drink. It was HOT that summer and strawberry milk did not set well. So there is NO WAY I would ever have strawberry ice cream. Even today, I am not so sure.

Do you remember back in the day when Sonic had swirl ice cream – vanilla and chocolate “swirled” together in a cone or a cup! YUM! It was my absolute favorite!

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#FRIDAYFOOD – Comfort food for those having difficultly surviving the weird weather

I have had the flu this week. Type B. It is weird. No fever, but constant headache, aches and pains, sinusy and an off-again, on-again sore scratchy throat. I am exhausted, everything tastes funny and there have been days that I feel like I have been run over by a big truck. A few days have passed and now it feels like I have been run over by a small truck.

I hate a cold, but even more so, I hate for my husband to get sick! We quickly started Tamiflu for both of us, so hopefully we can avoid two miserable people in the house at the same time! That’s NEVER pretty.

So, right after being diagnosed, I sent Pepper to the store to buy supplies. When I am sick, Campbell’s Chicken and Stars or Campbell’s Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup are at the top of the grocery list. I also need ice cream, Sunbeam bread, bananas (for banana sandwiches) and Nilla Wafers. They HAVE to be Nilla Wafers, not generic. It’s important! When it is not a contagious illness, I LOVE my mom’s Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup or my mother-in-law’s potato soup and Mexican cornbread. YUM! But when I was not feeling good during chemo, I wanted Cheetos or Doritos. I wanted something salty, just like Margie Pepper who likes “whatever is salty,” when she is feeling yucky. Continue reading

#FRIDAYFOOD Holiday food traditions Part 1

20161204_131503_resized_1The holidays are steeped in tradition, even in the kitchen. The holidays are not complete without favorite dishes made by loving hands from long ago. Since for most of us, the holidays are the only time we eat traditional holiday foods and desserts, it is only natural to be nostalgic to about momma’s dressing or Aunt Betty’s chocolate pie.

I recently asked Facebook and Twitter friends, “what is your favorite holiday food?” Hands down, turkey and dressing topped the list. But there were so many variations of desserts and side dishes, I thought “’tis the season” for a holiday food series.

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img_1647I remember my grandmother, the late Clara Mae Woods of Stewart, drying apples on large screens in the fall when the apples were ripe. My dad said he thinks she was drying apples for pies – but there may have been other desserts and goodies.

While she had electricity and freezers and all of that when I was little, she didn’t necessarily grow up with those “luxuries.” She had always dried apples on screens during the late summer and fall to put away for the winter, and that’s how she continued to put up apples.

All of her grandkids thought the apples on her tree in the backyard were way too tart to eat, but I do not remember ever turning away a slice of apple pie.

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#FRIDAYFOOD — Sweet Treats for Halloween


I am ready for Halloween!

Do you remember homemade popcorn balls and caramel apples at Halloween? I remember my mom making popcorn balls for the Halloween Carnival at Pine Forest Church – many, many years ago. Of course, there were Halloween treats and homemade candy and every good thing.

My brother, Jeremy, and I have always loved popcorn so it was so hard to help make popcorn balls that didn’t get eaten first! Who cares about treats for the go-fishing booth at the Halloween Carnival!?! A few did make it to church, but not as many as my mom would have liked. I don’t think she asked us to help with that treat again!

Beth Collum said she remembers watching her grandmother, Ora Bell Connell, making homemade popcorn balls and going to Woodmen of the World camp with Charles Putman. She remembers going through the haunted house way out there in the country.

Jean Kilgore of Stewart said she remembers all of the fun times she had at Halloween growing up in Stewart – “we always had a great time!”

I also remember trick-or-treating in Stewart growing up before you really had to worry about those treats that were not pre-packaged. I remember Nola Ann Crouch of Stewart putting tissue over round lollipops and making smiley faced ghosts. I was so impressed with that. I thought she was so creative!

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