#FRIDAYFOOD – Comfort food for those having difficultly surviving the weird weather

I have had the flu this week. Type B. It is weird. No fever, but constant headache, aches and pains, sinusy and an off-again, on-again sore scratchy throat. I am exhausted, everything tastes funny and there have been days that I feel like I have been run over by a big truck. A few days have passed and now it feels like I have been run over by a small truck.

I hate a cold, but even more so, I hate for my husband to get sick! We quickly started Tamiflu for both of us, so hopefully we can avoid two miserable people in the house at the same time! That’s NEVER pretty.

So, right after being diagnosed, I sent Pepper to the store to buy supplies. When I am sick, Campbell’s Chicken and Stars or Campbell’s Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup are at the top of the grocery list. I also need ice cream, Sunbeam bread, bananas (for banana sandwiches) and Nilla Wafers. They HAVE to be Nilla Wafers, not generic. It’s important! When it is not a contagious illness, I LOVE my mom’s Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup or my mother-in-law’s potato soup and Mexican cornbread. YUM! But when I was not feeling good during chemo, I wanted Cheetos or Doritos. I wanted something salty, just like Margie Pepper who likes “whatever is salty,” when she is feeling yucky. Continue reading