GIVING THANKS: 10 Thanksgiving Ideas for Your Family

64827_happy_thanksgiving_collageDoes your family tend to get too caught up in the preparation of the holidays and spend too little time giving thanks to God?Β Β  Make the most of your time together and honor God as a family.

1. Many families take a moment on Thanksgiving Day to let each person say aloud what he or she is thankful for this year. Experts say it is a good idea to expand this idea and create a gratitude journal to express your thankfulness everyday. Making it a point to list one small thing that brings you joy every day helps set a positive tone for your life. It can be as simple as listing the pretty weather, colorful fall leaves, cats underfoot, or a good laugh at a pointless commercial. Tell your spouse or your children what brought you joy today. What are they grateful for today? They may surprise you. Continue reading