Halloween: Sharing a few memories


At a Fall Festival at Bellefontaine UMC many years ago, me and Pepper dressed up as black-eyed peas. We thought we were funny, but not everyone caught on! HA!


For many, Halloween holds a lot of fun memories.

Whether it was fishing for prizes at the Halloween Carnival at Eupora Elementary School or getting to wear the Superman costume you have wanted each year, but finally found, Halloween was a time of innocent fun and moments that will never be forgotten.

Christie Bailey Colvin of Tomnolan said her favorite Halloween years were those we spent on the Navy base.

“There were kids for hours,” Colvin said. “I remember buying five paper grocery bags of candy and running out! We all spent the evening outside, enjoying the neighbors.” Continue reading

Columbus FUMC will have a ‘smashing’ good time this Sunday

fullsizerFirst it was the Imagine No Malaria challenge video, then members of First UMC Columbus assembled the collection boxes to be used to raise money for mosquito nets that help save lives, and now, they are beating up a car.

Elizabeth Swartz of First UMC Columbus said this Sunday, Oct. 30 at the Annual Fall Festival, there will be a special fundraiser to buy nets while raising awareness for this project.

Swartz said they will have a “Smash Malaria” car! They plan to cover an old car with pictures of mosquitoes and charge a $1 for three smashes at the car. All proceeds will go to the No More Malaria Campaign. They will also be distributing Imagine No Malaria offering boxes, information sheets and return labels for the offering. Continue reading