#FRIDAYFOOD Celebrating National Breakfast Food Month — YUM!!!

Waking up to the smell of bacon cooking – what a fantastic way to start the day! Or end the day or enjoy lunch, for that matter!

Crispy, thick-cut bacon, a pile of scrambled eggs, a blueberry muffin and a few strawberries on the side is my ideal weekend breakfast. Or homemade pancakes with crispy edges with lots of butter and syrup and two or three slices of bacon – at our house, that could happen for breakfast or supper! Lana Dodd Hitt also loves pancakes and bacon for breakfast.

Pepper and I are not the only “breakfast for supper” fans. Ashley Green and Bethany Bryant Cooper both said they also love breakfast for dinner. Ashley’s sister, Emily Green, said they had breakfast for supper last Sunday night, and she thinks it may be their new Sunday night tradition! Continue reading