Top 10 tips to plan NOW for Spring/Summer garden weddings

garden weddingPlanning is the key for beautiful spring and summer weddings in the garden.

Experts agree that timing a particular flower to bloom on the morning of June 14 will take more of a miracle than muscle, but steps taken now can guarantee a beautiful display of blooms just in time for wedding bells to ring. A few of Mississippi’s top experts share their favorite tips for creating a magical day in the garden this summer… Continue reading

Splendor in the Grass: Get your lawn ready for a beautiful outdoor wedding


Photos were used with permission from the family.


EDITOR’S NOTE: This story originally ran in the January 2006 edition of Mississippi Magazine and again the in January 2009 edition of North Mississippi Christian Family…gardening and flowers are always fun to think about on these cold winter days!

It is winter and it is cold. “Though the weather outside is frightful”…plans are in the works for a gorgeous June wedding in the garden, surrounded by beautiful roses and brilliant blue hydrangeas.

So now is the time to bundle up, get out the new shovel and start playing in the garden. No, kidding. Grab the coat and warm garden gloves.

The neighbors may think you are crazy, but it will be worth every goosebump when the bride walks down the garden path to be married this summer. Continue reading