Dave Ramsey is on a mission to ‘Break the Chains of Pain’

EDITOR’S NOTE: One of my all time favorite interviews from North Mississippi Christian Family’s April 2007 edition!


Chains of bondage–chains of slavery to your finances–chains of pain. National radio talk show host and financial counselor Dave Ramsey believes chains are only good when they are used to pull you out of the mud and the muck. If you are stuck in the mud, Dave’s plan has the chains you need to get out.

And he knows a little bit about mud and all the cleaning up you have to do afterward. It was almost 20 years ago when a 28-year-old Dave lost his $4 million real estate fortune as the banking industry made big changes in the late 80s in real estate lending. With loans and lines of credit keeping him in bondage, the bank called all his loans–at the same time. Dave lost his business and over the course of two-to-three years, truly learned the meaning of the chains of pain.

“Losing everything was crushing, emotionally and financially,” said Dave. “I came to know Christ before the bankruptcy, but afterwards, we were waving the white flag, saying ‘I really do surrender all!’ The song had a whole new meaning for us.” Continue reading