#GardenGoals — Snooky Lee’s daffodils

img_2311Snooky Lee of Carrollton is a daffodil guru.

In a typical winter, the early blooming daffodils would be starting to fade and the rest would be just starting to bloom, peaking the last week in February and the first week in March. But 2017 has not proven to be a typical Mississippi winter.

Pam Lee said they usually start blooming the last of January and something blooms until May, although most are typically blooming in February and March.

But this year, Snooky and Pam Lee have been enjoying the first flower of Spring in Mississippi for about three weeks, with many blooms already starting to fade. It is a strange year for winter weather. img_2306img_2315 Continue reading

My daffodils 

I always think about Snooky Lee this time of year. He has at least 35 varieties of daffodils in his yard in Carrollton. I have eight varieties, but have #gardengoals to add many more. Here are a few from my yard–some have already faded this year– I want to learn the type of daffodils –anyone know the names of mine?

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#ThrowbackThursday In The Garden with Snooky and Pam Lee

masses of joniquils“A Christian’s (property)…should grow and blossom into a place of beauty, demonstrating something of the wonder of the One who made plant life to produce seeds in the first place.” –Edith Schaeffer.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Every Spring when my daffodils are in bloom, I think of Snooky and Pam Lee of Carrollton. Back in 2007 I interviewed them for a story in The Conservative and then used the photos in an OUTDOORS column for North Mississippi Christian Family. My photos do not do the yard justice. But during the interview, Pam said Snooky took a bouquet of daffodils to church (Carrollton Baptist Church)  one Sunday in March that featured 50 varieties of the flower. All I can say is “someday that will be me!” I will post my Peppertown Posies in a little while, but I wanted y’all to enjoy Pam & Snooky’s daffodils! Continue reading