#FRIDAYFOOD – Congealed salads

strawberry-pretzel-saladSomewhere between dessert and side dish is everyone’s favorite congealed salad. While I do not always put them in the salad category, “it is what it is” – as they say.

I recently asked Facebook and Twitter friends about their favorite holiday foods. Of course, everyone loves their turkey, ham and cornbread dressing, but it was interesting to see how many people love all of the special side items and desserts made by special friends and family. Continue reading

#FRIDAYFOOD: Holiday Party Foods

bacon-tomato-cupsI love holiday party foods! Some families have party snacks throughout Christmas Day, while others have “finger foods” to celebrate New Year’s Eve, and the many, many Christmas parties throughout December. What a wonderful time of the year!

I asked a few Facebook and Twitter friends to tell me their favorite holiday appetizers, and I had a wide variety of responses.

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#FRIDAYFOOD Favorite Christmas Desserts (YUM!)

img_3162eThey make them for every special family occasion, but the holidays would not be the holidays without Aunt Margie’s banana pudding or my mom’s chocolate pies.

Red Velvet Cake just seems like Christmas, even though we do not typically have that at our family gatherings. Patricia Cummings said she loved Red Velvet Cake with four layers with cream cheese frosting.

And then there’s the candy…

I recently asked Facebook and Twitter friends what foods make the holidays memorable for them? And while an overwhelming majority said turkey and dressing, there were several interesting suggestions for desserts.

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