Music is an academic pursuit for Long Time Coming

These days, when they are not performing music, they are studying music.

Members of Long Time Coming are not only selling a new album and performing wherever they can in the area, the Long triplets are freshmen studying at the Delta Music Institute (DMI) at Delta State University.

“We are excited to have the Long brothers in our entertainment industry studies program here at Delta State,” said Tricia Walker, director of the DMI program at Delta State University. “We believe that through our unique degree program we can provide them with the resources and knowledge to make a strong start towards developing a professional career in the entertainment industry.” Continue reading

Long Time Coming perform gospel favorites

3Performing gospel favorites such as “I’ll Fly Away,” “I Saw The Light,” and “Will the Circle Be Unbroken,” Long Time Coming is growing in popularity with their unique sound.

Group members include Christian Long, Embry Long and Logan Long, triplet sons of Russell and Angel Long of Eupora. Christian plays harmonica and bass, Embry plays drums and mandolin, and Logan plays lead and rhythm guitar.

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