Gaining weight and growing hair — go figure?


For the most part, my side effects of chemo have been more irritating than debilitating, and I hope it stays that way!!!!!! I laugh and tell people I’m gaining weight and growing hair. I think I have gained 3-5 pounds every time I walk into the Cancer Center in Starkville. The nurses all say, “that’s wonderful! That means you haven’t lost your appetite!” Well, okay, I guess that’s all good, but pretty soon, I’m going to have to do something about it! It is starting to get out of hand!

And I am growing hair, not losing. One of the many things I am learning, is that more than half of what you worry about NEVER happens!  While I was looking forward to losing a few pounds, I expected to  lose hair. But so far, so good. I’m growing hair, not really losing! YAY!

I also bought a juicer that I can’t use, because one of my medicines makes me hyper-sensitive to cold (and Sonic is advertising milkshakes — and they are all I can think about some days!!!). I can’t drink anything cold, so everything has to be lukewarm. And I can’t touch anything cold — so if you see me in the grocery store with winter gloves on, you will know I am not just a weird-o, there’s a real problem behind the craziness! Toes are cold too, but if I dodge and weave around the frozen and refrigerated foods sections, it’s not so bad. I will probably be wearing thick socks all summer, but that’s okay.

I’m tired and have achy bones, but that could also be that I’m 44. Hard to tell. Continue reading