img_1509Although not a historic home, Mathairs Feith was constructed to pay homage to Carrollton’s historic architecture. Built in 2013, the home was built to resemble a dog-trot, cottage-style home. Mathairs Feith is a wood-framed house on a standing slab with a vaulted great room, 10-foot ceilings and deep crown molding. Throughout the house, architectural elements brought into the home echo Carroll County’s long history. The front doors were salvaged from the old home demonstration kitchen at the Mississippi State Extension Office in Carroll County. The back door is from the old Colvin home in North Carrollton and the side door is from the old Berris Johnson home in Carrollton. A claw-foot bathtub was gifted by Mina Gee and the mantels came from the Vance House. The church pews displayed in the home came from Zion Chapel Church in McCarley. Mathairs Feith, Irish for mother’s gift, is owned by Bill and Judi Gillespie.

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In 1902, Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Gillespie of Seven Gables, gave their daughter, Reisie, who had recently married Orman K. Gee, a plot of land on which to build a home –directly next door. The home was built in 1902 and the Gee family lived at this home through the 1920s. A Victorian Cottage-style home, Wayside was completely restored in recent years, and it features original heart pine floors, door casings and mantelpieces. In 2015, Wayside underwent construction once again, as the homeowners added a master bathroom and free-standing carriage house. In addition, several elements original to the home, like the screened side porch, were returned to the home. Wayside is the home of Keith and Amanda Sexton Ferguson, and one little energetic three-year-old, Dean, who brings the place to life!



Built in 1843, Cotesworth began as a coach stop on the old Grenada Road, a well-traveled route from Holly Springs to Natchez. In 1847, James Zachariah George leased the house along with acres of rolling farm land. He later purchased the home and property in 1861. J.Z. George was a member of the U.S. Senate from 1881 until his death in 1897. He and his wife, Bettie, raised nine children in this Greek Revival-style home. George is credited as the primary author of the 1890 Mississippi Constitution. As a tribute to his many achievements as a member of the Senate, a statue of George stands in the U.S. Capitol. For some, Cotesworth may seem familiar. In the blockbuster movie, “The Help,” the home became the Foote Plantation, as many scenes were shot at the home.

Carrollton Pilgrimage

img_1342Taffeta dresses and hoop skirts are back in style in downtown Carrollton, as tour guides make guests welcome for the annual Carrollton Pilgrimage and Pioneer Festival.

Girls in gorgeous gowns and men wearing Civil War era costumes escort guests from all over the state through just a few of the over 60 nationally recognized homes and other public structures within the Carrollton Historic district.

“I think it’s just delightful,” said Michelle Hudson of Jackson. “I love to go to pilgrimages. Carrollton is unique to be so small and have so many historic places to see.”

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