Disaster relief efforts to aid Hurricane #Harvey victims in Texas

Someone on The Weather Channel said Hurricane Harvey has affected 50 counties in the state of Texas. In comparison, Mississippi has 82 counties.

Those 50 counties represent a lot of need following a disastrous hurricane that continues dump rain on the area.

As Texas residents struggle to find food and shelter, neighbors in Carroll and Montgomery Counties have been quick to respond to the need. Several churches, schools., businesses and other organizations are responding by helping collect items most often needed in a crisis.

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Spellman’s ‘heart is in her art’


Cheryl Bailey said you can see “her heart in her art.”

“Hollie’s’ work is so good and shows great thought in the details,” Bailey said. “We love telling to our customers about our outstanding local talent and Hollie sure fits that profile.”

Bailey said she contacted Spellman about her artwork because “a customer was bragging about how good it was.”

Local artist Hollie Spellman has always loved to paint and is self-taught, but four years ago, a friend asked if she would paint several pieces for nursery at her church, Carrollton Baptist. It was one of the first times she painted Bible verses on a piece of artwork.

As a result, I received such a blessing from that experience,” Spellman said. “That experience inspired me to do what I do.”

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