#FridayFood Tailgating in the Junction with the Bulldogs

14483813_10211384645958678_2107550958_nFor Mississippi State Bulldog fans, tailgating in The Junction best defines the Southern fall experience in Mississippi.

“Oh I bleed Maroon,” said Melissa Acy of Winona. “We tailgate at every home game. We love it. It’s all about friends and family and rooting for our Dawgs.”

Acy is part of a group of Montgomery County friends who have been tailgating together for many, many years! This group tailgates across from the Hunter Henry Building on the MSU campus. Larry Greenlee and Pine Blakely started the tailgate many years ago, and the crowd has a great time every weekend! The usual crowd includes Jill and Pat White, Jill and Annie Pittman, Suzanne Watkins, and Barry and Melissa Acy and Terry Thomas. Larry and Jill have a book that everyone has to sign at every game, visitors and all. Acy said they love it when friends and family from other schools stop by to join the fun or just say hello.

“We love getting together and friends stopping by,” said Jill White. “Some of our favorite foods are redneck dip, wild hog tamales, the Greenlee’s marinated chicken thighs, and gumbo when it’s cool. And any kind of sweet Terry Thomas or Jill Dearman Pittman fixes.” Continue reading