Leaving a musical legacy at FBC Eupora

4   As we take time to honor Father’s this weekend, one family is launching a new initiative they hope will leave a musical legacy at FBC Eupora for years to come.

Nancy McMullen Covington of Atlanta, Ga. and Ann McMullen Morrison, along with their children and grandchildren, are honoring their father, James William (J.W.) McMullen, with a special donation — a Quantum Q 350 Organ with a 50 stop three-manual console featuring seven distinctive stop lists. The organ is under construction at the manufacturer and will be delivered in time for the 125th Anniversary Celebration set for Sept. 20. The current organ will be used for practice in the new choir room. The new choir room is one of the areas currently under construction at FBC Eupora.

While the new organ will operate without pipes, the new initiative to raise $85,000 for a new pipe system is underway. The new pipe system will complement the updated organ, creating a musical experience not found locally. Continue reading