Asa loves Aunt Melissa’s organic #blueberries

Asa Graham loves gluten-free blueberry cobbler made with his Aunt Melissa’s organic blueberries.

While the last two weeks of June are typically the prime blueberry season, with all of the rain we have had in the past weeks, there are still plenty of blueberries to be enjoyed this summer.
One local farm has produced blueberries, after several years of nurturing 200 bushes. Blue Mimosa Farms in Center Grove is continuing to sell fresh organic blueberries through July.
Ricky and Melissa Reed, along with Melissa’s son Brandon Aultman, are having a great time meeting people and selling their organic, pesticide-free blueberries. They have made it into a family project that is bringing them a little closer together this summer. Continue reading

Enjoying #blueberry season this #summer

For the Powell’s, blueberries have been a family tradition for over 20 years.

Blake Powell said his grandfather “was a genius.” Powell said when he established the blueberry trees he installed a special irrigation system that has kept the blueberry farm in business regardless of the rainfall conditions. But rain is a good thing for blueberries and extends the growing season through July. Continue reading

#FRIDAYFOOD #Blueberries

Russell Wilson (Mayor of Carrollton) experimenting with two different grills with finger-licking results! YUM! This is the finished product –blueberry cobbler on a Bayou Classic Cypress Grill that cooked up in 35 minutes on 350 degrees.

It is hard to look at Carrollton Mayor Russell Wilson’s blueberry cobbler and not want to dive in face first!

We are close to the end of prime blueberry season, but there are still a lot of fresh blueberry cobblers to make before we wind out this year’s summer crop! Continue reading