Tucker asks ‘what are you not ENOUGH of?’


2015-03-18 12.31.26Rev. Matt Tucker of Bellefontaine United Methodist Church and Lebanon UMC asks the Eupora UMC Lenten Lunch crowd “What are you not ENOUGH of?””What keeps you from doing God’s will? What are you not ENOUGH of?–Some say they are not smart ENOUGH, skinny ENOUGH, strong ENOUGH…What keeps you from ministry?” Tucker asked those attended the Lenten Lunch Series at Eupora’s First United Methodist Church to take three squares of toilet tissue and write the word ENOUGH on it. When they had the answer to the question “What are you not ENOUGH of?” — they were to throw that reason –that excuse– in the toilet. Rev. Tucker also discussed his role as Jesus in “The Last Days of Christ” program at Kosciusko UMC, that will be held April 2-4 at the church. Each year, he conducts a personal Bible study to examine the role of Christ during Holy Week and how the disciples and the crowds reacted to the message of the Gospel unfolding before their eyes.  The Lenten Lunch Series continues next Wednesday at 11:45 a.m. March 25, in the Eupora FUMC fellowship hall with Rev. Hugh Bland of Walthall Baptist Church serving as the guest speaker. A soup and sandwich lunch will be served. The public is invited to attend.

2015-03-18 12.23.12

See one of these photos in the March 25, 2015 edition of The Webster Progress Times at http://websterprogresstimes.com/2015/03/25/tucker-speaks-at-lenten-lunch/

#ThrowbackThursday Santa reads the Christmas Story

TBT Pepper as Santa 1  TBT Pepper as Santa 2 TBT Pepper as Santa 3

#ThrowbackThursday: Pepper Sisson dressed as Santa, reading the Christmas Story of Jesus’ birth to the kids a few years back at Bellefontaine UMC.  Just for fun, and as a reminder to leave a few cookies for the “Big Guy”… My Santa’s FAVORITE COOKIES… Continue reading

Fall picnic @ Little Mountain

2014-10-26 14.30.12

Every year, Bellefontaine UMC & friends gather for a Fall Picnic at Little Mountain…we have fantastic food such as Aunt Joyce’s grilled chicken or Sandra’s baked beans. After we are so full we can hardly stand ourselves, we walk the trails. It was a beautiful day to enjoy great friends, great food and God’s creation together. Continue reading

Tucker is looking forward to becoming ‘part of the family’


Matt Tucker, the new pastor for Bellefontaine and Lebanon United Methodist Churches, said he is most looking forward to “becoming part of the family.”

“I hope to love and be loved by the people at both churches and in the community,” Tucker said. “I definitely am looking forward to meeting people and learning about the churches history and where each of the members are in their personal journey in life. And most of all, I hope to help the work of the Lord in the area.” Continue reading