Mexico mission trip provides a new perspective

IMG_9784One of the biggest things Bailey Herring learned as part of a recent mission trip to Mexico was that she takes many of the basic necessities of life for granted.

“ I have the privilege of living with many different comforts of home such as having a hot shower whenever I want and a warm, comfy bed and home,” said Bailey Herring. “I never have to worry about what I am going to eat or whether or not I can drink tap water and there are so many people who worry about all of these and more. It really showed me that I think I take a lot of things for granted and waste money on a lot of different things and will hopefully work on not being so wasteful and concerned with myself as much.”

Herring joined a group of high school seniors and graduates of French Camp Academy on a week-long mission trip to Acuña, Mexico, where the group did Vacation Bible School-type programs and other programs that included interpretive dances, dramas, skits, puppets, and songs for high schools, elementary schools, public plazas, orphanages, and a small, local church.

“We mainly worked in the city of Acuña,” Herring said. “We went to a lot of schools and more public places. The people there were absolutely amazing and are very open to the Gospel. They also are very hospitable and were happy to have us there.”

Herring is a senior at French Camp Academy. She is the daughter of John and Shellie Herring of Eupora, and a member of First Baptist Church of Eupora.

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Herring’s love of music brings him back to Eupora

2014-10-15 16.09.44Music has always played an important role in John Herring’s life.

Growing up, he was always around music and musicians. He grew up in junior high and high school band at Clinton High School and youth choir at his church. His grandfather served as a music minister at Calvary Baptist Church in Tupelo.

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