to two of my favorite people! I think they first saw each other in “downtown” Stewart. Betty and assorted sisters were getting on the bus, while JB and assorted brothers/cousins were at the gas station that was next door to Jones’ Grocery store, back in the day. Dad asked around and got the name of the wrong sister. He uncovered her address and went to the house. He initially asked for Sherry, but when she came to the door, he said that she wasn’t the girl he was looking for. Somehow, he finally asked for the right sister, and he and Betty have been inseparable ever since. I need to ask how he proposed. I will work on that!

Good news

More good news! We saw my oncologist today in Tupelo. My tumor markers are down to 9.4!!!! #GODISGOOD Remission is under 2.5, but I am getting closer! Exciting🎉 Pepper has been singing Hee Haw songs all afternoon! ❤️ LAWD! 🙄