Let’s have lunch at Caledonia UMC

This project is a labor of love that has been embraced by the entire church and community of Caledonia, according to volunteer Betty Darnell.

“The community is thankful we offer the lunch to them and their friends,” Darnell said. “For some, it is a social outing where they are free to visit friends, eat, relax, and even carry home their dinner.”

Darnell said they have had numerous comments from guests at each meal. She said they are always very complimentary and thankful for the food and fellowship offered at the Senior Outreach Unity Luncheon (SOUL) at Caledonia United Methodist Church in Caledonia.

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Meal Prepping: Part 3 — The Mix-Ups

There’s been a mix-up!

Sometimes, meal prepping can get a little wild! There is a lot going on and you have to stay organized.

But some of my FAVORITE mix-ups are never a problem!

In prep for the week, I will keep small Mason jars with my three favorite mix-ups – Tuna salad, bacon “thingy,” and tuna patties. All of these mix-ups are super simple, but having them prepped and ready to go makes the week go so much smoother. Continue reading


One word: SHINGLES! I have never had them before but here I am with two whelps on my back and my whole left side feeling like I have been beat up on! Thank the Lord for meds! Pepper is gonna hafta do a LOT of singing and dancing!