‘One way or another…’

One way or another…I always say God will put you on your tail if you need it. Apparently, I need more rest and relaxation to heal up. At my last visit, my tumor markers had a slight increase, but it means I am not in remission anymore. I need to be below 2.5, and I am at 5.5. so, I have watched all 14 seasons of @crimmindscbs and am hanging on every word for tonight’s season 15 premier. I can’t binge-watch, so I need some ideas for good shows to binge while I am “resting” and healing. #GODISGOOD What should I watch?

Chemo Monday

Every Monday is #chemomonday. It’s a good day because I am getting the medicine I need and I love these people, but would love the opportunity to miss them! πŸ˜• Pepper is at a doctor’s appointment in Tupelo, so his mom went with him and dad came to chemo with me. It takes a village! #GODISGOOD

Sometimes, the best laid plans…

The most adorable gift cards from @deepsouthpout for the nieces for #Christmas. I had different plans, but sometimes when you think you ordered two, only one shows up!!! @deepsouthpout came through at the last minute to save my Christmas 🎁! I am so grateful and the girls are happy, which is the most important thing! #5thdayofchristmas #bonjovidreams (I kept these on the coffee table with the Christmas decorations because they are so cute! Well, at least until they had to go to Cumberland for Christmas!)