Projects goin’ down during quarantine

I ❤️ this work crew helping Pepper and I with my Christmas presents from Mom and Dad! (Yes, I celebrate all year. It takes a little time to integrate new things into my world, even when it is terrific!) Thank you to the assembly crew for all your help since I struggle with following directions! I blame the medication! This quarantine thing is working out pretty good for me! We are getting a few projects done! LOVE these people!

😷 Under the weather

No pneumonia — but you wouldn’t know it to hear my cough! So, just like in elementary and high school, my allergies are kicking into overdrive. I will say, the coughing is made 10x worse by Friday’s chemo embolism. This is a level of pain I haven’t dealt with in a WHILE! But, #GODISGOOD and I am getting better everyday! 😷