Bible Drills 2019

So proud of these two! All of the children did well at yesterday’s State Bible Drills in Starkville. As for our two, Jerad received an excellent and this was his first year to compete in the teenage category. Eli received a superior and was given a bronze medal for participating in the children’s category for three years in a row. I am so proud of the effort they put into this. They are my favorite nephews!

Share a few favorite Easter memories

Several years ago, we hosted a community Easter Egg Hunt at our house. We prepped the yard for weeks in advance. We had so much fun! We do not do that now because most of our “littles” are much bigger. For a writing project I am working on, tell me how you are making Easter special for your family. Church? Food? Dying eggs?

This is a sweet photo of my nephews many years ago — they are counting eggs and searching for candy!

Please share in the comments below how you are making Easter special (or share who/what made Easter special for you.)