Still celebrating

The best birthday ever!

Right after singing “HAPPY BIRTHDAY,” Pepper handed me the saucer with the slice of cake. When it got into my hands, the cake fell over, with the candle lit!!! Almost caught myself on fire!!! And because it is Valentine’s Day: a pink cake! Always! My mother-in-law makes the BEST strawberry cake! YUM!

This crazy card from Jeremy has provided lots of entertainment this weekend!

A little progress

Tumor markers are down by four points – now at 10 as opposed to 14 as they were at my last visit with Dr. Hill. And while I was hoping to be in official “remission,” I will take what progress I can get!

And I have two more rounds of chemo before we move to “preventative” chemo once a month. I am excited! We are ready for a little break!

And by the way, Pepper has expanded his singing and dancing to include Dolly Parton songs. As if Conway Twitty and Buck Owens wasn’t enough!!!!! How do you know for sure if you have been driven crazy? Are you self-aware or do they just put you away? “Here You Come Again.”