#FRIDAYFOOD Southern favorites

“Naner puddin'”

Is there food that is unique to Mississippi? I am not sure. I am afraid that almost all of our traditional foods are served throughout the South.
When I was in the fourth grade, we moved to Mattoon, Ill. and there were issues in purchasing things like Blue Plate mayonnaise, grits and white cornmeal. This was pre-internet and on visits back to Mississippi, we would stock up.
In college, friends that were raised outside of the South (Bless your hearts) had never heard of foods like banana pudding. That is sad to me. Continue reading

#EWHS #Graduation2017

As a member in reasonably good standing of the #GeorgiaFanClub, of course we attended her high school graduation at East Webster in May. We started the graduation adventure at Georgia’s house in Cumberland. Sandra gave her granddaughter a ring that her momma gave to her when she graduated from high school. (SWEET!) Continue reading

And the wait continues…

So, when we saw the nurse practitioner, she said be prepared for late next week to do the procedure. We were supposed to know on Monday whether Dr. Howard wants to do a specialized chemo or radiation procedure, because he was on vacation last week. On Monday, we find out that Dr. Howard has reviewed my case and wants to do something completely different — microwave ablation. Basically, he will burn the three tiny lesions on the right lobe of the liver and we will monitor the one in the left lobe. So the nurse practitioner shares this news, but still no date for the procedure. My insurance required prior authorization, which should be approved today. I call today and now the procedure will be June 23????? I think my oncologist (and maybe Pepper) is going to have a little yellow duck, but apparently he is the only guy that does this!!! I never pray for patience, because I already have enough challenges in my life! I’m not looking for trouble! #GODISGOOD #IWASHMYHANDSOFTHISWEIRDNESS


#COTW Shaeffer’s Chapel




FAMILY: Pam Bray is his wife and they have two adult sons



FAMILY: Dr. Brad Brown is her husband, and they have one adult daughter Continue reading

Build A Better World #SummerReadingPrograms

The summer reading program at local libraries is a big part summer fun for lots of little ones throughout the area.

Wendy Rushing of the Winona-Montgomery County Library said on average, 2,500 books are checked out in June and July as part of the summer reading program.

“I believe our summer reading program is important to our community in that it gives children the opportunity to keep reading throughout the summer and improve their reading level,” Rushing said. “Many of our books are labeled as accelerated reader books.  Parents can bring their children in and pick out books specifically on the child’s reading level or higher, and in the fall when school starts back the child can take accelerated reader tests for AR points.” Continue reading

#FRIDAYFOOD Some of Pepper’s Favorites

My husband was a little jealous that I didn’t ask him what his favorite comfort food was –I said I already know, it is Macaroni and Cheese, in any way, shape and form. He said, “true, but you could have asked. I might have said meatloaf.”

Now the sweet one does like meatloaf and meatloaf leftovers on a sandwich. Cold meatloaf on Wonder Bread and a thick layer of Blue Plate mayonnaise on both sides does make Pepper Sisson very happy. But, if there’s mac and cheese on the side, he may never leave the table! So, never fix it for him, unless you want him to come live with you or at least show up at every mealtime!

Apparently his wife hasn’t made meatloaf and mashed potatoes in a while, so she may need to work on that.

I LOVE this meatloaf recipe from the Bell’s Best Cookbook. (Mine has been used so much it is in about 10 pieces but I manage to keep it together with a rubber band! HA!) Just about everything I have ever tried out of that cookbook has been great! I have altered the original recipe to our tastes (because I do not like sage). Continue reading