Well, I have been putting this off…

Either I am starving (which is possible) or I just had the BEST hospital food: seasoned baked chicken legs, mashed potatoes, green beans and a small roll, sweet tea and a bowl of peaches! I have learned that when in the hospital, you lap up every bite you can because snacks are few and far between (if at all!)

Yesterday was Chemo Monday, and it was extremely painful. Painful to the point that I’ve decided I can’t take that medicine anymore. It is just getting harder and harder to do — more and more painful — and I don’t think I can handle it anymore. Let’s just say that was the good part of the day…

As I am super high from leaving the Cancer Center in Starkville with all kinds of pain medicine to help me get through those two hours of chemo, they wheelchair me out to the car (which never happens) and has Pepper drive me to Tupelo hospital. The nurse practitioner at the Cancer Center did tell me that my white blood cells were very low and I was quite anemic — almost to the point of having to have a transfusion, but not quite. The only thing happening with me lately has been the chemo embolism procedure about 2 weeks ago that is taking a while to get over. Let’s just say the liver doesn’t like it when you mess with it! And I’ve been in a lot of pain for about 2 and 1/2 weeks. As part of that, I haven’t been eating like I normally do, which is not exactly a bad thing! Haha! I just couldn’t eat as much because if my stomach got full, it would push on that liver and it would be painful. I’m anti-pain when I can help it! 😁

So we’re driving Hwy. 45 to Tupelo when Pep gets a phone call about two lights away from the hospital in West Point. The Cancer Center, realizing my blood thinner numbers were excessively high, arrange for us to go by ambulance to Tupelo. We were supposed to stop by West Point hospital for the ambulance but when we got here, we hung out in the ER for a little while. They took a few tests, and they noticed my blood was excessively thin. I find out the Cancer Center was afraid of us having a car accident and me bleeding out or having a brain bleed. The ER and West Point felt the same way about the ambulance and wanted me to spend the night. Last night I had a infusion of Vitamin K which thickens the blood and this morning I wake up with normal blood thinned numbers. So that’s taken care of!

But problem number two with the anemia, has gotten worse overnight and I am going to have to have a blood transfusion and antibiotics. I just started that bag of antibiotics that’s supposed to be an infusion for 4 hours here in West Point. They may start the blood transfusion before I am supposed to leave by ambulance to Tupelo if the timing works out this afternoon. But I am on my way to North Mississippi Medical Center in Tupelo because this morning’s doctor has been talking to my oncologist and because my white blood cells have bottomed out, I am going to be isolated in their infectious control center area until I can get my numbers back up. I don’t have Covid-19. I was tested last night. We don’t know what the infection is exactly but something is going on and they want me in isolation until I can get better.

I consider my life has been in isolation for the past 3 to 5 years, seriously three, so I’m interested to see how much more isolated I can get. Being away from Pepper is going to be difficult, but as we’ve done since this cancer business started we do what we have to do!

#GODISGOOD Y’all know that’s been my mantra for years and He has been showing me that so much in the past 24 hours. Well from moment to moment, Pepper and I didn’t know what was going on last evening/night. We didn’t know what we were supposed to be doing, if we were going to spend the night at the hospital, if we were going home, if we were going to Tupelo, where we were going to be, what we needed to be doing, but God knew and he led very smart doctors to guide us along the way.

And he continues to lead very smart doctors and nurses along our way today. I still don’t know when I’m leaving for Tupelo, what will happen there, or anything else. Which for control freak is crazy making! But I know God’s got this and I know everything’s going to be okay. I am INCREDIBLY BLESSED! And thank you to all of those who have been praying for me, for Pepper, and for my family we appreciate it more than you’ll ever know!

OCC Packing party at Bellefontaine UMC

Bellefontaine UMC had an Operation Christmas Child Packing Party during Sunday School, making a total of 33 shoeboxes. Items collected this year made up 15 shoeboxes for boys and 18 shoeboxes for girls. The small church were so excited to provide gifts for needy children throughout the world.

OCC is a ministry of Samaritan’s Purse that “provides God’s love in a tangible way to children in need around the world, and together with the local church worldwide, to share the Good News of Jesus Christ.”

Another chemo embolism

My numbers went up two points and the tumors can be seen on a CT, so we are doing another chemo embolism to kill the cancer!!! #ihatecancer

We literally found out Monday, and it was scheduled Tuesday to be done Thursday. So fast!!!! Pepper and I have had the CRAZIEST two weeks, this should not be a surprise!! 😬

I am never consciously nervous and it drives Pepper wild! I believe God has given me a total lack of fear in regards to surgery. It is just something I have to do. This procedure drops beads of chemotherapy directly into my liver through a vein in my leg. I have had several of these.

There are “pre-treats” just like regular chemo, but it takes about an hour. The procedure takes less than an hour and then I have to lay completely flat in recovery for two hours. It is painful, but I ask them to give me everything they’ve got when they can. I have to be awake for most of the procedure because if I am asleep, I will breathe too deeply and it will interfere with dropping in the beads.

Pepper gets to wait in radiology recovery with me, but no one else due to COVID-19. He is always there for me. We make a good team!

He will crank up the singing once the embolism is over. He is a ball of nerves until then! That is one of the good things about this going quickly, Pep does have a lot of time to worry about it!

I see this as a blessing. #GODISGOOD to me! I have been asking for this for three months, but the previous CT did not show any tumors, but then the tumor markers increased from 9 to 11. Now it is at 13. This does a GREAT job of getting rid of tumors. For me, it means there are more options. For people with cancer, the more options, the better! It is when you are out of options that you are in trouble! OPTIONS! It is a good thing! #GODISGOOD


Chemo Monday -with new meds

This may be weird, but I LOVE new medicine!

I am always so grateful that there is new medication to try to make cancer go away completely. The old medicine was good, but in the end, my tumor markers started to increase – a sign that the medicine is not working. New medicine is another chance at getting rid of it! And I am READY to get rid of it for good!!!

This round will last six months, and will be a long Chemo Monday and bring home a chemo bag of 5FU, a two hour Chemo Tuesday with the 5FU bag, then back to Starkville on Wednesday to have the 5FU bag removed. I will do this every two weeks. That’s better than every week, so I am excited about that.

New medicine is always interesting. Will it work? Will I have a reaction? Will it make me sick? What will be the side effects (because there are ALWAYS side effects!!!)?

The great thing is I know that God and Pepper are with me every step of the way, and that is such a blessing! #GODISGOOD

Y’all know I am all about that #quarantinelife — while everyone else was in quarantine, did you experience a lot more than average singing and dancing from the husband? Even when he is cooking supper? (I NEVER sing or dance in the kitchen???) Is this normal?

New chemo meds

Well, the tumor markers have gone up two more points. It is at 13.

Needless to say, I am disappointed. We saw Dr. Hill this week and he suggested that a tumor marker increase like this means the meds have stopped working as effectively as it once was.

So now, I have a two blissful weeks off from chemo! When I go back, we will start a new medication. 😕

I do not think I have had a week off in years. What will I do with myself?

During all this COVID-19 stuff, doctor’s offices and hospitals are taking your temperature and they ask, “Have you travelled anywhere? Have you been out of the country?” I will say NO, and Pepper has gotten into the habit of saying, “She hasn’t even traveled to the kitchen, let alone out of the country!” (SMARTY-PANTS) So, during this little break, I may venture into the kitchen and do a little cooking. We will see…

Pepper is so good to go with me to all of my appointments. We have so much fun singing to the radio as we drive all over the world between Starkville and Tupelo these days. And yes, he tries to sing old grizzly country music, even in the car. He is SUCH a goofball! Luckily, I am close enough to the radio to change it!!!! Or I get the earphones out and listen to Spotify! He hates it when I do that, but that does make it fun!