Today’s sidekick

If he knew I took or posted his picture, he would be mad! We are at the treatment center today in Starkville. We will see my oncologist on Thursday in Starkville to discuss my treatment options going forward, since I learned in December that I have slipped just above the line and are no longer in remission. UGH! Pepper is tired out from all that singing and dancing! šŸ•ŗ #GODISGOOD

Happy birthday Elvis


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‘One way or another…’

One way or another…I always say God will put you on your tail if you need it. Apparently, I need more rest and relaxation to heal up. At my last visit, my tumor markers had a slight increase, but it means I am not in remission anymore. I need to be below 2.5, and I am at 5.5. so, I have watched all 14 seasons of @crimmindscbs and am hanging on every word for tonight’s season 15 premier. I can’t binge-watch, so I need some ideas for good shows to binge while I am “resting” and healing. #GODISGOOD What should I watch?