First official #GWENESDAY

Though it officially started with me wanting to sleep in, but we did make it on time to Pepper’s appointment, despite how slow I was moving today!

We did make it to Waffle House for our traditional chemo-morning “brunch!”

Then the best part of the day…

It hurts like everything to remove the tape around the port. I wear a bag of 5FU continous feed chemo meds from Monday through Wednesday or what will forever be known as #GWENESDAY! Getting the bag off is painful, but I am a somewhat “free” woman for a week and a half. And while I sleep most of that week and a half, it is nice to sleep without that bag! #IHATECANCER


Runoff election voting today #GOVOTE! We just got back from voting at the Bellefontaine precinct. Did you know if you are sick or disabled to the point you can’t or shouldn’t get out to vote, they will bring a paper ballot to your car. You still need a ride to the precinct parking lot. They will come to your vehicle, check your driver’s licence, and give you a paper ballot and a plastic cover to slide your ballot into when you are finished marking your vote so they will not see your choices. I didn’t realize they did that until this year, when I need to stay away from people due to low blood counts due to chemo. Too cool!


Gotta love a sleep mask! BTW, the new chemo medicine worked GREAT today! No painful side effects! I slept right through it! But, I am struggling to sleep tonight.

But as on DAY ONE’S of chemo weeks past, my stomach feels swollen, I have a serous case of “chemo brain,” it also triggers an occular migrine and I have a hard time sleeping–now whether that is chemo or the migraine, I am not sure.

After posting about my LAST FOUR chemo treatments earlier today, I was told there may be additional treatments with the new medicine. BOOOOOO! #Ihatecancer

From the beginning (3 1/2 years ago), I committed to doing whatever it takes to get through this (I have worlds of stuff I want to do still, and most of it revolves around Pepper Sisson!) But I must say, that was hard to hear today.

On the bright side, the new chemo med runs well with my two hour Tuesday medicine. So we doubled up today and I do not have to go to chemo on Tuesday. WOO HOO — a day off! I will go back Wednesday and have the 5FU continous feed chemo bag removed!

By the way, since Wednesday is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE day because the chemo bag is off and I am somewhat a “free” woman for a week and a half, in my world, Wednesday will officially be called #GWENESDAY!!
#GODISGOOD #cancer

Not much longer…

My view today. Starting the final four rounds of chemo this week! If all goes according to plan, (but you know, with Pepper and I that rarely happens!!!) I should finish chemo around the first week of January! Can’t wait to get this over with and get back to my life!!! Realistically, I will most likely have six months of preventative chemo, but hoping for the best! #GODISGOOD