Thick as theives

#TBT These two! (Pepper and his mom)

This is from many years back…but still applies today. They call one another constantly and he is at her house almost every day. I think they keep each other entertained! And she will watch Her Haw with him! 🤪

On our toes

As always! It wasn’t a PET scan, but a CT. My insurance apparently denied the PET scan, and will find out at my appointment with Dr. Hill when I can try this again!



NO #Ihatecancermore

First PET scan of the year

Cancer teaches a lot of lessons, good and bad. When I saw the above quote on Pinterest, I recognized the lesson immediately!

On that note, I’m having a PET scan on Thursday, and will see Dr. Hill later that afternoon. I am trying not to get my hopes up too high, but I would really like the two remaining tumors to DIE! The have been subjected to chemo embolism and should be DEAD by now! KILLKILLKILL!

I haven’t had new tumors pop up (that we know about or have been able to see in CT scans), just hanging out with the same two “baddies” for over a year and a half! I am told that sometimes it can take over a year, but those two are not DYING quick enough for me!

But #GODISGOOD and #REMISSION is still a good word, but #THETUMORSMUSTDIE!!!!!!


Y’all, this stuff is AMAZING! During this round of chemo, my skin has been EXTREMELY dry and I have had times it was difficult to walk for the cracks on my feet and toes. My hands and fingers have had deep cracks as well. It has been rough, but this lotion has helped!

My oncologist suggested this lotion. I but the $20 bottle on Amazon (, not the $100 bottle.

If you are suffering with EXTREMELY dry skin, this stuff is GREAT!