#FRIDAYFOOD #Fall Soup Part 2

landscape-1454611443-olive-garden-soup-1Alright, I am in the mood for a few different kinds of fall soup, and the husband, Pepper, doesn’t like change. He likes what he likes. Until he is introduced to something new. Then it is a struggle, just like a kid!

For a short time during round one of chemotherapy, we had a food prep service in Starkville help us out with a few meals. I was great, and it challenged our “gourmet palette.” (Unfortunately, they have closed up shop) On of those “challenging” nights was a soup with potatoes and sausage and kale. KALE. It was tough to try, just based on looks, but it smelled GREAT and was awesome once we took a chance. Most already LOVE Zuppa Soup, because when asked on Face book and Twitter, tons of people responded that it was one of their favorites! Continue reading


If you do not watch the show, you cannot come. June Williams said her sister didn’t get invited last year because she didn’t watch it so she binge-watched so she could come this year!

On the other hand, Williams’ brother-n-law said “it takes some sick individuals to come with that.” But, we are talking about crazy fans of The Walking Dead television series!

So for the Fall and mid-season premieres, the group of Winona area super-fans get together to eat and watch the shows. And TWD-themed menu is so much fun, and packed with lots of ideas for a spooky-inspired dinner just in time for Halloween. Continue reading

#FRIDAYFOOD Fall Soups 2017 – Part 1

It is getting a little chilly outside and what could be better than a piping hot cup of soup and a cornbread muffin? YUM! Just thinking about it makes me happy.

Now Bob Graves thinks it is Beef Stew time, “Soup is for lightweights,” he said, all in good humor, I am sure, because the rest of us “lightweights” love a steaming, hearty bowl of soup! But I will indulge one of my favorite Facebook friends for a minute. Continue reading


In the movie, Despicable Me (which is one of my favorites), the girls ask Gru if they can have pizza for supper with “stuffed crust” and everyone dreamily says “stuffed crust!” That’s how my husband, Pepper, feels about pizza. And so does Tracie Cunningham. She said she is a “huge crust fan!”

But, I will tell you, Pepper Sisson will eat pizza any way he can find it! We haven’t found a bad pizza yet! Continue reading

#FRIDAYFOOD #NationalBiscuitMonth — What a great thing to celebrate!

If I could ever duplicate my mom’s biscuits, Pepper and I may be featured on that show, My 600 lb. Life!

Much like all of my favorite dishes made by my mom, Betty Woods, I have a hard time making biscuits (and chocolate pie, and chicken dressing, and potato salad) just like hers. Like Nancy Latham said, there’s just something about mom’s biscuits!

And then there’s the biscuits at Cracker Barrel. After 17 years of marriage, I am just realizing that Pepper Sisson prefers grape jelly on his biscuits. I like strawberry. After all this time! My theory is, he should have spoken up sooner and he could have been enjoying biscuits with jelly! He wasn’t complaining too much, because he loves Cracker Barrel biscuits with gravy, just as much!

September is National Biscuit Month and what a WONDERFUL thing to celebrate! Dripping with butter or with some homemade pear preserves…YUM! I recently asked Facebook and Twitter friends and followers to share what they love about their favorite biscuits? And who makes their favorite biscuits? Continue reading

#FRIDAYFOOD Celebrating National Breakfast Food Month — YUM!!!

Waking up to the smell of bacon cooking – what a fantastic way to start the day! Or end the day or enjoy lunch, for that matter!

Crispy, thick-cut bacon, a pile of scrambled eggs, a blueberry muffin and a few strawberries on the side is my ideal weekend breakfast. Or homemade pancakes with crispy edges with lots of butter and syrup and two or three slices of bacon – at our house, that could happen for breakfast or supper! Lana Dodd Hitt also loves pancakes and bacon for breakfast.

Pepper and I are not the only “breakfast for supper” fans. Ashley Green and Bethany Bryant Cooper both said they also love breakfast for dinner. Ashley’s sister, Emily Green, said they had breakfast for supper last Sunday night, and she thinks it may be their new Sunday night tradition! Continue reading

#FRIDAYFOOD Celebrating #NationalSandwichMonth

There are very few things better than a ‘nanner sammich. Neatly cut into nine circles of banana on Sunbeam bread loaded with Blue Plate (of course), or mashed and mixed with a little mayo. LOVE, love, love!
My nephew, Eli, likes Elvis’ favorite sandwich, Peanut Butter and Banana! (You will NOT catch me eating that!!)
When I was dating my husband, Pepper, I was introduced to pineapple sandwiches – same idea, but a pineapple slice (usually canned) with mayonnaise and white bread. I had never heard of such a thing, and they look at me a little funny with my love of banana sandwiches. The Sissons still do not eat banana sandwiches, but I have tried their pineapple. It is different, but it is growing on me! Continue reading