#FRIDAYFOOD — A Southern Favorite: Pimento Cheese

You will find them at just about every Southern gathering and everyone has a different way to make it, but make no mistake, people LOVE pimento cheese sandwiches.

There are people like me who prefer it as a dip with Scoops chips, and there are those who are very particular about their ingredients. I interviewed a lady one time who put Ranch dressing mix in her pimento cheese recipe.

Jessie Frye said she liked her pimento cheese sandwiches on thick sliced bread and toasted!

“Ms. Addie Gary used to make the best pimento cheese,” Frye said. “Wish I had got her recipe! Have tried different recipes, but none like hers!!” (If anyone has Addie Gary’s recipe for pimento cheese, please send to gwenwoodssisson@yahoo.com. THANKS!) Continue reading

#FRIDAYFOOD Southern favorites

“Naner puddin'”

Is there food that is unique to Mississippi? I am not sure. I am afraid that almost all of our traditional foods are served throughout the South.
When I was in the fourth grade, we moved to Mattoon, Ill. and there were issues in purchasing things like Blue Plate mayonnaise, grits and white cornmeal. This was pre-internet and on visits back to Mississippi, we would stock up.
In college, friends that were raised outside of the South (Bless your hearts) had never heard of foods like banana pudding. That is sad to me. Continue reading

#FRIDAYFOOD Some of Pepper’s Favorites

My husband was a little jealous that I didn’t ask him what his favorite comfort food was –I said I already know, it is Macaroni and Cheese, in any way, shape and form. He said, “true, but you could have asked. I might have said meatloaf.”

Now the sweet one does like meatloaf and meatloaf leftovers on a sandwich. Cold meatloaf on Wonder Bread and a thick layer of Blue Plate mayonnaise on both sides does make Pepper Sisson very happy. But, if there’s mac and cheese on the side, he may never leave the table! So, never fix it for him, unless you want him to come live with you or at least show up at every mealtime!

Apparently his wife hasn’t made meatloaf and mashed potatoes in a while, so she may need to work on that.

I LOVE this meatloaf recipe from the Bell’s Best Cookbook. (Mine has been used so much it is in about 10 pieces but I manage to keep it together with a rubber band! HA!) Just about everything I have ever tried out of that cookbook has been great! I have altered the original recipe to our tastes (because I do not like sage). Continue reading

#FRIDAYFOOD Memorial Day side dishes for the cookout

I have had a lot of great Memorial Day celebrations over the years. As a newspaper reporter, you have the opportunity to cover many celebrations and “work” on days that everyone else has as a holiday. While it may have been annoying, those days taught me so much.

One Memorial Day, I spent covering funeral of U.S. soldier from Webster County.  I had covered military funerals in the past but this one was so impactful because it was held on Memorial Day. That day was so special to me, even though I did not know the family. It showed me the true meaning of Memorial Day.  Continue reading

#GREATEATS Caked Up Bakery & Cafe

Today was our first trip to the newly opened Cafe at Caked Up in downtown Eupora and it was worth the wait! YUM!

The Bakery has been opened for over a year and I have purchased many of my cakes and cupcakes there, since I have not been up to my usual baking adventures this past year! Their cakes are FANTASTIC! (Especially the chocolate cake with white icing!!!)

I will say I was totally impressed with the chicken salad sandwich on croissant –my favorite bread for the chicken salad sandwich.

The croissant was toasted, which was delightful! And their chicken salad has a little something different about it. I am sure it will take a few more sandwiches to figure out what they put in it! It was so good, and then we had dessert.  Continue reading

#FRIDAYFOOD Easter Dinner

Barbara Todd had a better Easter Bunny experience than my husband, Pepper, did!

First of all, when Todd was little, she would go into her bedroom after Easter Sunday breakfast to find her pet bunny sitting on the bed. Easter eggs were all around him, so she automatically thought that rabbits laid Easter eggs!

When she was older, she dressed up as the Easter bunny and walked around the local shopping center, talking to children and giving out candy.

“The younger children really thought I was the real Easter bunny!” Todd said.

Pepper had a different experience.

Continue reading