#FRIDAYFOOD It’s too hot to cook

It is August in Mississippi. Hot is an understatement. If you could live on Popsicles, ice cream or sweet tea (with loads of ice), you would.

After a long hot day, it is so nice to come home to a shower and the central air on 65 degrees and just sit there.

I don’t know about you, but I am rarely inspired to cook with the temperatures are hovering at 100 degrees and the heat index is sky-rocketing.

I asked Facebook and Twitter friends and followers to share some of their favorite things to eat, when it is too hot to eat, and the responses were a little surprising! Continue reading

#FRIDAYFOOD Fresh tomatoes

It is something many of us look forward to all year – fresh tomatoes from the garden!

I typically like tomatoes green and fried, and so does Brad Pearson and Kenny King but lately, we have been enjoying a BLT for breakfast. YUM! Bryan Thick-Sliced Bacon, crisp lettuce, Sunbeam bread, a thick layer of Blue Plate mayonnaise, a little salt and a fresh tomato from my mother-in-law’s garden. YUM! We only do that at this time of year, but what a fantastic way to celebrate fresh tomatoes! Continue reading

Asa loves Aunt Melissa’s organic #blueberries

Asa Graham loves gluten-free blueberry cobbler made with his Aunt Melissa’s organic blueberries.

While the last two weeks of June are typically the prime blueberry season, with all of the rain we have had in the past weeks, there are still plenty of blueberries to be enjoyed this summer.
One local farm has produced blueberries, after several years of nurturing 200 bushes. Blue Mimosa Farms in Center Grove is continuing to sell fresh organic blueberries through July.
Ricky and Melissa Reed, along with Melissa’s son Brandon Aultman, are having a great time meeting people and selling their organic, pesticide-free blueberries. They have made it into a family project that is bringing them a little closer together this summer. Continue reading

#FRIDAYFOOD I scream for ice cream!

“I scream, you scream, we all love ice cream” and in celebration of National Ice Cream Month, there’s no better time than July to cool down with a scoop or two. #NationalIceCreamMonth

I have always loved vanilla and chocolate together. Not a strawberry ice cream girl, due to a strawberry milk incident at Camp Garawaya when I was in the third grade. They had us make Brunswick stew out in the woods and had strawberry milk for us to drink. It was HOT that summer and strawberry milk did not set well. So there is NO WAY I would ever have strawberry ice cream. Even today, I am not so sure.

Do you remember back in the day when Sonic had swirl ice cream – vanilla and chocolate “swirled” together in a cone or a cup! YUM! It was my absolute favorite!

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#FRIDAYFOOD #Blueberries

Russell Wilson (Mayor of Carrollton) experimenting with two different grills with finger-licking results! YUM! This is the finished product –blueberry cobbler on a Bayou Classic Cypress Grill that cooked up in 35 minutes on 350 degrees.

It is hard to look at Carrollton Mayor Russell Wilson’s blueberry cobbler and not want to dive in face first!

We are close to the end of prime blueberry season, but there are still a lot of fresh blueberry cobblers to make before we wind out this year’s summer crop! Continue reading

#FRIDAYFOOD Summer Grillin’

My dad, J.B. Woods, loves to grill. Last night they were grilling steaks, but it Is his grill chicken legs that I love the best. Other than marinating in a little salt, I am not sure of anything else he does but put them on the grill and they are AMAZING! I LOVE his grilled chicken legs and mom’s mashed potatoes. DELISH!

But it was the Christmas before we were married (I think, so either 1999 or 1998) we were under a blanket of snow for Christmas. And in my parts of the world, snow equals no electricity, and sometime no phone or water. (My theory is the electric companies know that if you live in Stewart, you can survive just about anything!) Anyway, that particular Christmas, my brother and I traveled to see Pepper and have Christmas dinner. Pepper’s uncle, George Pepper, cooked Christmas dinner and dessert on the grill. The food was AMAZING! I can’t remember a time when every single dish tasted so goof. I think it was the grill!

Over the years, I have served on more than my fair share of barbeque judging contests. There’s nothing like Super Bulldog Weekend and all of the varieties of rubs and sauces to make the perfect  bite of pork roast, loin or shoulder. Continue reading

#FRIDAYFOOD National Fresh Fruit and Veggie Month

For the past two weekends,  we have had fresh green beans and sliced squash sautéed with a little onion, for Sunday dinner.
My mother-in-law,  Sandra Sisson, is an avid gardener and having fresh vegetables from her garden is a special treat! It makes her so happy, and the crowd loves it!
Earlier in the spring, she had a little bit of fresh lettuce and carrots in the garden. But nothing beats tomatoes, okra, and corn on the cob. Continue reading