Shoulder surgery rescheduled

Shoulder surgery has been rescheduled (say THAT three times!)

Due to last week’s snow storm, Pepper’s surgery has been rescheduled for tomorrow (Wednesday) morning at 5:30 a.m. WHEW! That’s early!

Sandra will take Pep tomorrow to surgery and dad is taking me to chemo! It takes a village, and tomorrow, we are taking some of our “villagers” to Starkville! 😂🤣

We are doing the “good” shoulder first, because if there is no intense pain, he may not return to do the other shoulder!!! I know him!

Please say a little prayer for Pepper tomorrow. He will do the next shoulder in about two months. And then all that physical therapy! It is going to be a LONG year! I’m afraid there will not be very much singing and dancing going on here for a while! 😜

Shoulder surgery for my favorite guy

I suspected sympathy pain. But the orthopedic doctor said his shoulders are quite messed up and both will require surgery.

Someone is not happy about it, but on Monday, Pepper will have the first of two shoulder surgeries. He is starting with the left shoulder, which has the least amount of damage. My thought was if we do this one first, he will have to do the other one. This one has a tear and a small cyst. If we did the bad one first, he would NEVER go back for the second surgery!!! I know this man!

It will take about eight weeks to recover from this surgery, which will work well with my last chemo embolism procedure on March 30. We will schedule the second surgery after my two week hybernation.

His right shoulder has three major tears and the surgeon will fix something in the neck region if I understood correctly.

The second surgery will require at least three months for recovery and Pepper will likely be in physical therapy for most of the year.

Please say a little prayer for my singer and dancer, who is going to be dealing with a lot in the next few weeks. I am thinking this will reduce the dancing, but his bellering, I mean, singing, will not be altered unless he is feeling REALLY bad. I hope we don’t get to that point, not that I couldn’t use a bellering break! Lord help us!