The Jetsons lead me on

Dr. Hill said we are trying a new chemo thing!

In 10-14 days, Pepper is going to be my chemo nurse! I will be starting a pill that I can take from home. I love the girls and guys at the chemo center in #Starkville, but now, no early morning appointments 40 minutes away! YAY!

Pepper said he is planning to be a tough nurse, so I need to plan for a LOT of what he calls “straightening out!” He said Sherry and Steve were “too soft” on me! (Oh my! He may be taking this a little too seriously!)

Well, my take on it is I really can live in my pajamas! (Hopefully I will snap out of it soon, but until then, it is #pjsallday!)

I have been in a LOT of pain since in #chemoembolism on March 30. I have been running fever and so incredibly sore. I have had this procedure a lot and I firmly believe I have never been this miserable with it! One night, my fever got up to 101.8. I am a 96-97 degree girl, so even at 99-100, I am fairly miserable. When the pandemic started, I would joke with the nurses that, “y’all will know if I have a fever, because I will be crawling on my hands a knees at 99 degrees.” I don’t do high temps! I’m a cold girl! Pep says I like to ‘make it snow’ in the car year-round!

While I have thought my sore left side was a swollen spleen, it’s not. It’s just an angry liver.

But I would like to say, today, I felt every single bump and pothole on Peppertown Road, Tomahawk Road, the Natchez Trace and every road in between. It was a rough ride there and back. So, as of today, I am ready for my flying car! The Jetsons lead me on! I was totally convinced we would be flying cars by now! Bring it on! I am ready! It needs to be black! I love a black car/helicopter! And I would look so cute in it (mainly because I would not be grimacing in pain!)


We are in Tupelo at North Mississippi Medical Center…WAITING!

There was some problem with scheduling. I knew Dr. Howard was going to fit me in to his surgery schedule, but now, it will be interesting! They are going to get me ready to have my chemo embolism procedure around noon. We are attacking the left lobe, and I am SO READY!!!!

#GODISGOOD and this amazing procedure is saving my life! This is a liver tumor KILLER! And what a #blessing that is!

I am disappointed about the scheduling situation, but what can a girl do!?! No singing and dancing today. Waiting drains the life out of you! Or at least it drains the Sissons! Pepper is pretty sassy this morning, though! ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚

Tuesday Tip: Staying hydrated

And, I’m back again today! I know this is making me better, but it is a good day to snuggle under the covers! BTW, hear is my #TUESDAYTIP : Of you know you are going to have to give blood at a doctor’s visit, be sure to load up on the H2O the day before and leading up to the appointment. The water makes you more hydrated and that plumps up your veins. I have tiny veins that are hard to find. Drinking water saved me from a lot of digging!๐Ÿ˜ซ I hate that!

Going crazy?๐Ÿ˜œ

#Chemo day! No new meds, just not taking that one I was having a reaction to, so a shorter day on #ChemoMonday! So, some good news!  We go Thursday to to a variety of tests and talk more about #chemoembolisms. Two more #chemoembos to go! This should kill those #tumors! I am so ready to get that going! We both deeply appreciate all of y’all’s prayers. I means more to us than you will ever know! Much love! #Godisgood

And when he is not sleeping in the chemo room with me, Pepper is still singing and dancing! Lord help us all! I thought now that #HeeHaw is off the air, the singing would slow down, but he proves to me daily that he doesn’t need that inspiration! ๐Ÿ˜œ Remind me again of the signs that you might be going crazy?

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