LUCY BARNES: ‘A Godly Woman Walking in Indescribable Faith’

Lucy Barnes begins another round of chemotherapy treatments at Hematology Oncology Cancer Center in Starkville. (Photo by Gwen Sisson)


She hopes that by sharing her cancer journey, she can be a source of light and hope to someone who may be struggling.

And with a lot of encouragement from a lot of friends, family and Facebook followers, Lucy Barnes has written her story in a new book titled, “A Godly Woman Walking in Indescribable Faith.” She will have a book signing Saturday from 12-2 p.m. at Blue 22 (formerly Beef O’Brady’s) and Sunday at Second Baptist Church, where she will share her testimony during the morning worship services, beginning at 11 a.m. The book is also available at

In addition to the book signings this weekend, she will be a special guest on the Tammie Tubbs Show on WEPH at 9:30 a.m. on Tuesday and Thursday of next week. Continue reading

#ThrowbackThursday Getting Creative with Lisa Whelchel

flying hair hi res (2)

EDITOR’S NOTE: This story originally ran in the January 2007 edition of North Mississippi Christian Family because the actress and author was the guest speaker at a Women’s Conference in Grenada. I was looking for something else and came across this story I wanted to share…


Lisa Whelchel said it was never her goal to become famous, but to obey the Lord. But as a member of the New Mickey Mouse Club, one of the stars of the NBC series, The Facts of Life in the 1980s and an author of numerous parenting books, fame is part of what God has in store for Lisa Whelchel.

In the early 80s, we were introduced to Lisa Whelchel as the snobby, rich girl, Blair Warner on The Facts of Life. We learned to love and hate Blair and her stuck-up ways over the course of nine seasons on NBC.

Behind the scenes, Lisa was a Christian actress who loved the Lord and wanted to do His will. She came to know Christ as a 10-year-old who would go to church with a friend. Continue reading

A Moment To Visit With Jan Karon


Cynthia tells Father Tim to “go and be like the butterfly… Butterflies have a very short life span. If they’re ever going back to Mississippi to settle certain issues of the heart, they have to hop to it. And enjoy the trip while they’re at it, of course.”

Her book, “Home To Holly Springs” fills in a lot of blanks in Father Tim’s past that was not addressed in her wildly popular Mitford series of Christian fiction based around the life of the lovable Episcopal priest. This series begins in Mississippi and takes fans to Ireland and England as we “settle certain issues of the heart.” Continue reading

Book presents salvation for those who have no Biblical background

photo(1)The idea began on a trip to The Grand Canyon.

Bill and Joyce Yates, along with two friends and several travelers, were on a tour bus heading to the Grand Canyon, when Joyce started a conversation with the lady sitting next to her. Joyce asked a few conversational questions, and found out the lady was from Australia and she was a medical doctor. Next, Yates asked the traveler what the dominant religion was in Australia and she answered that it was Catholicism. When asked if she were Catholic, she promptly answered, “No,” and that she didn’t believe in any religion, no heaven or hell and that when this life is over, “Poof, that is it!”

“I wished at exactly that moment that I had a simple scripture-filled, easy to understand book about the Christian faith, but I did not,” Yates said. “I told her about Lee Strobel’s book, The Case for Christ which is a wonderful book for non-believers but very in- depth and long — over 400 pages. After this encounter, the Lord put on my heart and mind, that a simple, scripture-filled book to plant seeds of faith was needed to hand to people who are unbelievers that may or may not be open to discussion about the Christian faith.” Continue reading