The Miracle Worker

It is one of the most inspiring stories of all time, and this weekend, residents will have the opportunity to see it live on stage.
“The Miracle Worker” will be performed Aug. 4-6 at 7 p.m. at the Montgomery County Performing Arts Center in downtown Winona. Tickets are available in advance or at the door. Continue reading

Rocking Winona #662ROCKSWINONA

 It began about three months ago when Sherrie Palmertree found a painted rock on the window ledge of Hobby Lobby in Olive Branch.

She had read about the rock painting craze in larger communities and was so excited to find her first painted rock.

“I screamed with excitement,” Palmertree said. “I scared my friend that was with me she thought something was wrong. She had not heard of this craze.”

When she returned home to Winona, Palmertree looked the page up that the rock belonged to and began reading. She decided this was something fun she wanted to do with her grandkids in Winona this summer.

Three months later, the Facebook group, 662 Rocks Winona has received 1,000 likes and hundreds of comments and photos of local people painting rocks, giving clues to where the rocks are hidden and photos of people finding rocks. Most found rocks are re-hidden within the community to keep the fun going. While some people may keep their found rocks as souvenirs, most are back in the community for someone new to find them. Continue reading

Weaving a Twisted Tale

“In a small town in Mississippi, his pride killed his son. Now his pride has him on everyone’s hit list, including his own family’s.” – from “Sculpture: The Evil of Pride.”

Author Willie Frank Hobbs describes his latest book as “a fast paced twisted tale of suspense and mystery where Buford J. Lewis, Sr. aka “Daddy Bo” searches for the murderer of his son while the unknown killer is still searching for him.

The Winona native said he has always been a big “whodunit” buff. Continue reading

MCAC Casting Calls for Children

“I like it because I love to sing,” said Penelope Rushing, 9.

Rushing played a sea creature in last week’s “The Little Mermaid, Jr.” production at the Montgomery County Performance Center. She loves to sing and she and over 35 other children from throughout the Montgomery County area were given an opportunity to “shine” on stage, while learning basic acting techniques as part of the summer workshop.

But most of all, the children had fun while expanding their arts education and/or training during the summer months. This was an all-children play sponsored by the Montgomery County Arts Council. While all theatre productions have roles for children, last week’s play had no roles for adults on stage – though plenty of opportunities for adults behind stage.

Dr. Reba Bailey, one of the directors of The Little Mermaid Jr., said she is a big believer in children participating in community theatre. Continue reading


Like many artists, he would go back and forth. Sometimes he loved it. Other times, he would take a break to deal with life.

But pottery has been a lifetime passion for John Malone. He says he loves “the spontaneity and the immediacy of creating a piece.” And it is that love that drives him to make pottery that is both beautiful and useful.

“(I love) seeing a lifeless lump of clay become alive with function,” Malone said. “Then altering that form to create something different and unique.” Continue reading

Collins’ favorite Vaiden history story…

Ron Collins’ favorite story on the website is the story of Cowles Crowder Mead. “The indirect relation of the Town of Vaiden to the early history of the Mississippi Territory is most interesting,” said Collins. 


Cowles Crowder Mead (10/18/1776 – 05/17/1844) was from Virginia. Sally Cowles (04/25/1781 – 05/11/1850), also lived in Virginia. As a young girl, she was “wooed” by her cousin, Cowles Mead (pronounced “Coals”), whom she loved but refused to marry because of their blood relationship.  Continue reading

Ron Collins loves his hometown of Vaiden

According to Ron Collins, owner of the website, “Vaiden, Mississippi is not Heaven, but it’s probably in the same zip code.”

It may be harder to find a bigger fan in the state of Mississippi of the town of Vaiden than Ron Collins. Since the Fall of 1999, Collins has been sharing his favorite memories and a wealth of history about his hometown of Vaiden.

Collins love of Vaiden history has been ingrained in him since birth, but he points back to 1976 where his real passion for local history began. During the Vaiden Bicentennial, the Vaiden Garden Club composed ‘The Vaiden Heritage,” a book containing the history of Vaiden. It was composed of early Vaiden photos and information about the founding of Vaiden.

“Some of the old advertisements really caught my attention as well, and I spent hours looking at that book,” Collins said. “As a kid, I had explored just about every ‘nook and cranny’ of Vaiden – from gathering supplies for my treehouse to playing at the Old Shongalo junkyard, to riding bicycles all over town, with not a worry in the world.” Continue reading