Toe tappin’ Saturday night


The band starts playing at 6:30 p.m. and the fun begins!

The dance floor at the Sciple’s Mill Opry is packed with friends and family, as well as visitors from throughout the state, who enjoy country and gospel music, with a little bit of rock and roll!

“We all just really enjoy getting together and making music,” said Ed Sciple, owner of Sciple’s Mill and ring-leader of the Sciple’s Mill Opry. Continue reading

Mississippi Horse Park is fun for the entire family

CBS Sports is filming a special segment to be aired pre-game of the Egg Bowl and the Mississippi Horse Park was chosen to be the backdrop during one of the segments, so be looking for it this weekend! This is also the location for the annual Toy Tractor Show each February that Pepper & Mitch LOVE! This story originally ran in the October 2007 edition of North Mississippi Christian Family.


Mississippi Horse Park Manager Bricklee Miller works hard to keep a diverse lineup of events booked at the facility. Photo by Marco Nicovick


One of Starkville’s biggest tourism attractions makes family fun a top priority. The Mississippi Horse Park plays host to numerous events throughout the year designed to bring friends and families together. Continue reading

WEBSTER COUNTY SERIES: Small is a big deal in Mantee

Natchez Trace, Mantee, MS 2005-07-20 16.58.54

A big part of the charm of the town of Mantee is it’s small size.

“We are in the best possible location,” said Mantee Mayor Mary Frances Baker. “We are 15 minutes from a Wal-mart, a drug store and groceries. The people who live here love that it is quiet and quaint and convenient.”

There are only a handful of businesses in the town of Mantee, including a few of the basics — a bank, the post office and a convenience store. But residents love the close-knit community centered around the church and school. Continue reading

WEBSTER COUNTY SERIES: Mathiston is home to a lot of good people

library_cain_WoodCollegeCathredralMathiston Mayor Jimmy Carden said Mathiston is full of good people who have lived here all of their lives.

“When someone needs a hand, there is someone here in Mathiston who will give it to them, to care for them and love them,” Carden said. “I love everything about Mathiston. You live where you chose and there’s no other place in the world for me. It is personal and personable. It’s home, and what better place is there to be?”

Carden said in Mathiston, the schools and the park system are very important aspects of community life.

“We are all about the kids,” Carden said. “We spend a lot of money to make the quality of life better for residents, especially the children. It is important.” Continue reading