What could possibly go wrong?

Look at my baby brother sitting in that wagon like he was the King of the World! (He was!) The photographer took two photos of the same scene, so I put them together to get “the whole picture.” He was also no fun on the teeter-totter in the backyard. He is lucky to be alive, and I should be super strong due to pulling him all over the yard on my tricycle! As scary as this looks in hindsight, we also hitched this wagon up to my dad’s riding mower. Every time he mowed, we had a GREAT time! #TBT

Today’s sidekick

If he knew I took or posted his picture, he would be mad! We are at the treatment center today in Starkville. We will see my oncologist on Thursday in Starkville to discuss my treatment options going forward, since I learned in December that I have slipped just above the line and are no longer in remission. UGH! Pepper is tired out from all that singing and dancing! šŸ•ŗ #GODISGOOD

Happy birthday Elvis


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