All about a cute mask

It is CHEMO MONDAY! It will be a long day, and there are doctor appointments all week! But, I have a cute mask, gonna listen to good music or a podcast, get a GOOD nap and have the FANCY NANCY from Chicken Salad Chick for lunch! It makes the day just a little bit better! #GODISGOOD and I am INCREDIBLY blessed.

My chauffeur, Pepper, is headed to Allen Chiropractic Center this morning for an “attitude adjustment!” Hopefully it will help him feel a little better about life as we know it. He is in “Hee Haw” mourning, and terribly cranky.

Despite the fact that Hee Haw is no longer playing on RFD-TV, someone is doing a little singing and dancing, but not as much as before. Who would have thought they would EVER take it off the air? It has been a BIG issue at our house!

Bless his sweet ❤️! Maybe Dr. Allen can get him feeling better so he can get back to his singing and dancing!

Long Monday Chemo

It is “long day chemo.” Every other Monday I have chemo that last about six hours, and I carry home a bag of 5FU medicine. I come back on Wednesday to have the bag removed. I can that day #GWEDNESDAY!

The following week is my favorite! I come in on Monday for about three hours. And that’s it for the week! WOO WHOO!

Let me also give a little advice: GET CANCER INSURANCE!!!! Over the weekend, I started on some paperwork that I need to complete for a project, and the doctor bills I have collected over my almost five years of cancer treatments total $423,994.36 so far. I was SHOCKED! My mom thought it would be closer to $1 million, but I did have one year of pathetic insurance coverage and was placed on charity at North Mississippi Medical Center — thank goodness or that outrageous total would be so much more! (That year I had two follow-up chemo embolisms and a week’s stay in the hospital for a massive blood clot in my lungs. It would have been a LOT higher!!)

There are VERY few human beings that have that extra money laying around to pay bills! Please…young, old, rich or poor, please buy a cancer policy. It would help so much. It is a lot of paperwork when you have it, but with cancer, paperwork is a very real part of your life! Everyone needs a cancer policy. When I was first diagnosed, I had no idea I had cancer and I, like so many, thought I was too young for all that! I wasn’t. You never know what can happen to you. Please buy a cancer policy!

It is for your own good! Please! The few extra dollars it cost per month is NOTHING in comparison to $423,994.36 and counting!!!! That is not including what has already been paid for doctors and hospitals, over the counter meds and various supplies, and gas to travel all over the place for treatment!

Please don’t think I am complaining about the bills, I just want to use it as an example that cancer is expensive! I am INCREDIBLY GRATEFUL for doctors and nurses who use the knowledge God gives them to help aid in my healing and for all the medicine – chemo and everything else – that helps with healing and making me comfortable. I am so blessed! #GODISGOOD

On a side note, RFTV is not showing Hee Haw on Sunday nights any more, and someone is sad and depressed about it! (I secretly love it, but I don’t share it with the husband!!! 😏) So a little less singing and dancing. I hate to see him suffer, but I am not being tortured with Conway Twitty and Buck Owens (for the moment! YAY!) WHOOP WHOOP!

I can’t get too excited because he will start back up in memory of HEE HAW soon! PLEASE DO NOT buy him or let him borrow ANY of the DVD’s!!! I MEAN IT! 😁

We are happy😁

So as of yesterday, the tumor markers are at 7 (down from 9 something at the last doctor visit) and the tumors in my liver were barely visible on the CT!!!! Traces of the tumors would be picked up on an MRI, but we are LOVING that they are disappearing!!!! Getting better every day! #GODISGOOD

Blast from the Past

Wow! I have no idea when this was taken? It was sent to me by my cousin, Tracy. My best guess would be 5th or 6th grade for me, and 3rd or 4th grade for Jeremy. But we have both outgrown mom since then! It is hard to remember a time we were shorter than Betty. She is 5’2″ or 3″. I wish I had that much hair! Chemo has worked on the hairdoo! I have thick hair in some places and thin in others. CRAZINESS! #TBT

Monday mood

I am at chemo in Starkville, about to get the day started. Matlock is blaring on the neighbor’s television. It is almost as bad as Hee Haw!!! (BTW, RFD-TV has taken Hee Haw off the air on Sunday nights! Yay for me, but Pepper is inconsolable! 😂🤣)

Today is a “short” day, so I will be here just three hours, instead of six. I am not quite awake just yet, but I can tell y’all, ear phones and a white noise app are blessings straight from God!

No more Hee Haw, earphones AND a white noise app, just try to tell me God is not looking out for me!

Unfortunately, Pepper has decided to launch his own personal episode of Her Haw each week to keep the tradition alive…LORD HELP US! 🤪