Chemo Monday

Every Monday is #chemomonday. It’s a good day because I am getting the medicine I need and I love these people, but would love the opportunity to miss them! πŸ˜• Pepper is at a doctor’s appointment in Tupelo, so his mom went with him and dad came to chemo with me. It takes a village! #GODISGOOD

Sometimes, the best laid plans…

The most adorable gift cards from @deepsouthpout for the nieces for #Christmas. I had different plans, but sometimes when you think you ordered two, only one shows up!!! @deepsouthpout came through at the last minute to save my Christmas 🎁! I am so grateful and the girls are happy, which is the most important thing! #5thdayofchristmas #bonjovidreams (I kept these on the coffee table with the Christmas decorations because they are so cute! Well, at least until they had to go to Cumberland for Christmas!)

Still standing

While not an ornament, this white ceramic tree is another of my FAVORITE Christmas decorations! My grandmother, Yvetta Pearson, painted it for me MANY years ago at Pat Boatmen’s ceramics shop in Stewart. This is the only thing I have that she painted. And while there are 3-4 lights out and it has travelled all over Mississippi with over about 30, it is still standing. I am amazed!