#COTW Kosciusko First United Methodist Church


NAME: Rev. Dr. D. Scott Wright

CHURCH: Kosciusko First United Methodist Church 

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17 years!!!! I think I share this photo every year on our anniversary, but it is still my favorite. Maybe one year, I will share all of them! I love this photo so much! We are standing on the front steps of Bellefontaine United Methodist Church in Bellefontaine where we are still active members. It was such as special day, and a place so special to us, surrounded by amazing friends and family. Pepper is seeing his truck for the first time that was highly decorated for the drive-away. TOO FUNNY!

Microwave ablasion

So my take on today’s procedure is equivalent to burning off a bad mole….it is just inside your body. I will let y’all know if it is a little more interesting than I anticipate! Pepper has been threatening to impersonate Buck Owens singing Conway and Loretta!!!!! He is not dancing this early in the morning, but with this impersonating business, I may need a straight jacket to get out of here! I am #incrediblyblessed! #GODISGOOD! 

#FRIDAYFOOD Favorites from the Senator’s kitchen

Lydia Chassaniol said her mother was a good cook, and Lydia often hung around in the kitchen. She said she learned by “osmosis.” 
When she was in the 8th grade, all of the girls had to take home economics.
“The first thing we learned to make was white sauce,” Chassaniol said. “Although we didn’t know it at the time, it’s the basis of many French sauces. Mrs. Minnie Lee King was our teacher.” 
When Lydia first started cooking, her brother, Bob Graves was her guinea pig. She said he was the only person “brave enough to try what I cooked.” 
“I see food as edible art and read cookbooks like some people read novels,” Chassaniol said. “Julia Child said once you’ve mastered basic techniques you don’t really need to use a recipe. I usually just see what’s on special at the grocery and go from there. When I find a method that works, I write it down.”

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Like many artists, he would go back and forth. Sometimes he loved it. Other times, he would take a break to deal with life.

But pottery has been a lifetime passion for John Malone. He says he loves “the spontaneity and the immediacy of creating a piece.” And it is that love that drives him to make pottery that is both beautiful and useful.

“(I love) seeing a lifeless lump of clay become alive with function,” Malone said. “Then altering that form to create something different and unique.” Continue reading

#MissMS2017 Holly Harrington

Also be on the lookout for Miss Dixie 2017 Holly Harrington at Saturday’s Miss Mississippi Scholarship Pageant.

Harrington is the great-granddaughter of legendary Coach Sam Henderson who worked at Cumberland High School for many years. She is the granddaughter of Webster County natives, Lou Henderson Harrington and Scott Harrington, both Cumberland High School graduates and Mantee residents.

Lou Harrington was a teacher for several years at Cumberland High School and Scott Harrington was a long time District 5 Supervisor.

Holly’s dad, Shane, was a Cumberland High School athletic standout who went on to play baseball for Delta State University.

I did not know of Holly’s Webster County connections until she was already in Vicksburg for the 2017 Miss Mississippi Pageant. Once they are there, the contestants are not allowed to have their phones. But I have included all of Holly’s profile information from the Miss Mississippi website to help us get to know her a little better.

Holly Harrington

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