It’s just going to take a little time

Now that the nose is fixed (but still a bit sore to the touch!), I am working on all the other repercussions from the Battle of the Spider from last month. #ALLSPIDERSMUSTDIE Pepper is still keeping watch over me while I shower. My new rule is the Suzanne Sugarbaker rule, “I think the man should have to kill the bug!” Thank you Wanda Garner for reminding me!

The non-emergency room issues after “the horrendous crash” were my shoulder and my jaw. The jaw is not broken (praise the Lord!!) but my teeth are not just right. The dentist said my they should get back aligned in a few months and it will feel much better over time.  “If not, come back to see us!!!”

But it is physical therapy for the shoulder that’s the killer! Cried two days this week. I am not that kind of girl. It was TOUGH! But it was a little better today! My advice: Let the men kill the spiders! It’s not worth it!

On another note, my oncologist said we are going to hang out for about three months and see if the tumor markers continue to decrease on the one tumor that could not be burned during microwave ablation. He said if the numbers continue to go down, that is a good sign. Dr. Hill said we will make new treatment plan after the results for tests after the three-month period. As all cancer patients know, it is always as a “hurry up, and wait” situation. Pepper and I think we received good news, so that’s what we are going with!

It hasn’t taken long for Pepper to start singing and dancing again. I am sleeping in the recliner, at first for the nose surgery and now for the shoulder pain. He will come in and stand in front of the television (in all stages of dress) and sing to his heart’s content! Usually just one song (praise the Lord) but I have found the picking the phone up to make a video of him singing gets him on the move! He DOSEN’T want a photo taken while he is acting and singing! Too funny!


Marie Mason – Her Cancer Journey

She never misses a year. Even in a year when she has struggled with the return of breast cancer and a round of powerful chemotherapy.

Marie Mason usually leads a team from Second Baptist Church of Starkville to help raise money for the American Cancer Society through the Oktibbeha County Relay For Life. She loves it. She is passionate about leading by example and giving back. Mason said if people can see that she can keep moving forward with a good attitude, it may give others hope.

She quotes her favorite Bible verse, “The spirit of a man will sustain his infirmity; but a wounded spirit who can bear?” from Proverbs 18:14.

“I love going and doing something worthwhile,” Mason said about Relay for Life. “It is important to keep moving forward.”

“Marie is a true inspiration,” said Caleb Rich, one of the organizers for the 2017 Oktibbeha County Relay for Life. “She has always been a person who put other’s needs before her own. Her leadership as the team captain for the Second Baptist Church team inspired the team to step up in a big way for her as she’s been going through treatment again. Marie Mason is truly the heart of what Relay for Life is about.”

And even though Mason did not lead a team this year, many volunteers in Oktibbeha County dedicated this year’s Relay for Life in her honor. As usual, she was there, but not leading a team. For Mason, this year has been reminiscent of a time 24 years ago, when she first discovered breast cancer. Continue reading

#FRIDAYFOOD It’s too hot to cook

It is August in Mississippi. Hot is an understatement. If you could live on Popsicles, ice cream or sweet tea (with loads of ice), you would.

After a long hot day, it is so nice to come home to a shower and the central air on 65 degrees and just sit there.

I don’t know about you, but I am rarely inspired to cook with the temperatures are hovering at 100 degrees and the heat index is sky-rocketing.

I asked Facebook and Twitter friends and followers to share some of their favorite things to eat, when it is too hot to eat, and the responses were a little surprising! Continue reading

The Miracle Worker

It is one of the most inspiring stories of all time, and this weekend, residents will have the opportunity to see it live on stage.
“The Miracle Worker” will be performed Aug. 4-6 at 7 p.m. at the Montgomery County Performing Arts Center in downtown Winona. Tickets are available in advance or at the door. Continue reading

#FRIDAYFOOD Fresh tomatoes

It is something many of us look forward to all year – fresh tomatoes from the garden!

I typically like tomatoes green and fried, and so does Brad Pearson and Kenny King but lately, we have been enjoying a BLT for breakfast. YUM! Bryan Thick-Sliced Bacon, crisp lettuce, Sunbeam bread, a thick layer of Blue Plate mayonnaise, a little salt and a fresh tomato from my mother-in-law’s garden. YUM! We only do that at this time of year, but what a fantastic way to celebrate fresh tomatoes! Continue reading

Hoping for a cute nose

So after last week’s horendous crash, (the spider in the shower, and we both hit the toilet) the swelling has gone down enough for the ENT to say he needs to set my nose and fix the deviated septum. A broken nose ain’t pretty! 
Oddly enough, it wasn’t as black and blue as you would think, and it didn’t hurt like I imagined it would. When we realized my eye socket wasn’t broken and would not have to have emergency surgery, we started laughing. Two years of cancer treatments and a blood clot that will not go away, I have not been to the emergency room  (praise the Lord). One huge spider, and WHAM! I am in the emergency room.  It’s a little funny. We were feeling a little hysterical about it! I don’t think the emergency room crew knew quite what to do with us when we started laughing!

That may all change tomorrow,  but I still say I am #incrediblyblessed!  Bleeding out of the nose was HUGE for Pepper Sisson.  This sweet man has stood outside the shower every night, helping me get in and out–ready to kill any spiders that might be on the attack. Not dancing, but so precious! #GODISGOOD

Maybe after my procedure in the morning,  someone will get back to keeping my spirits up. I’m afraid I scared the Hee Haw out of him this week. Maybe a good dose of Buck and Roy will fix him up!

Locals LOVE #TheNeshobaCountyFair

#NeshobaCountyFair Throwback from the 90s: “Big T” and the grands! Tom “Brown” Bailey with Wil Bailey, Katie Bailey, Mary Gates Colvin and Bailey Colvin

It is known as “Mississippi’s Giant House Party,” and for many local families, The Neshoba County Fair is a special week to go to Philadelphia for a week of fun and family.

The Neshoba County Fair began July 21 and continues through July 28 this year at the Neshoba County Fairgrounds in Philadelphia. Residents, as well as friends and family throughout the state (and nation in some cases) make the trip each year.

While those with cabins tend to make or bring homemade delights as friends and family gather for family meals, there’s still plenty of Fair food to go around. Judy Palmertree Hodges loves cotton candy, while Jill Nelson and Shirley Reeves Johnson said they love funnel cakes at the Fair. Lara Threet said she also loves the funnel cakes and especially the Oreo funnel cake.

“And what ever stand that does the funnel cakes has a chicken on a stick that is awesome,” Threet said.

Gaylyn Bailey said she loves Penn’s Chicken on a Stick at the Fair, and her niece, Bailey Colvin loves Penn’s Crawfish Tails and Fries. “Every. Single. Year.”

And all of the Bailey girls love Lindsey’s Lemonade and must have it as part of the Fair experience every year. Mary Gates Colvin said it was her favorite food and drink item at the Neshoba County Fair. Her mom, Christie Bailey Colvin said the polish sausage with onions and peppers along with Lindsey’s Lemonade are musts at the Fair – preferably at midnight!

Food isn’t the only thing that keeps local families making the trip to the Neshoba County Fair year after year, but it is a big factor. Continue reading