Not so bad…

So, I have started collecting videos/music I love listening to and more importantly, “sanging” to at the top of my lungs. I am no singer, but it puts me in a good mood. It helps lift my mindset.

When I started this, Pepper had a LOT of hokey Hee Haw ideas. I have rejected all of them! But at this point, there are over 400 songs on YouTube that I use to clear my mind and calm my nerves, at times. I’ve been singing a lot lately.

Yesterday, we meet with Dr. Reid in Starkville to talk about the new plan for radiating the two small tumors in my brain.

I need targeted radiation instead of radiating the full brain. That makes me feel so much better about this. I have seen too many full brain radiation patients, and I was nervous about that. I will be doing radiation in Tupelo because they do not do targeted radiation in Starkville, only full brain.

I did a lot of “bellowing” on the way to Tupelo this morning. I was fitted with a mask for the radiation machine. I had imagined all kinds of things when they said “mask,” but it was no big deal and took about 20 minutes to get things done.

I will do targeted radiation for three sessions. We will start on Friday and also do Monday and Wednesday. I am SO happy it is not full brain radiation!!! We feel so much better after talking with Dr. Reid about it all. This feels like just another thing we have to do. It is not going to be so debilitating, which is what I was imagining.

When am I going to learn not to negative predict?!?!?! God’s got this and He knows how much I can handle!

But I think God and Pepper know I still can’t handle Conway Twitty, Buck Owens, and all his corny music!

Pepper’s singing and dancing have been difficult lately, with all that is going on with his mom. Sandra is not doing well with her brain tumor and she has gone down very quickly. Please continue to pray for our family. Having Sandra sick is so hard for all of us, but especially Pepper and Mitch.

Pepper hasn’t been doing a lot of dancing lately. I kinda miss it, but don’t tell him!!!!


Sandra is going to be mad that I am copying her. If we ever did the same thing, she was always fun to pick on.

On Saturday, my eyes went blurry. It felt like they were moving back and forth, but Pepper said they were not. It felt like the eyelids were turning out, but Pepper said they were not. This went on for 10-15 minutes. It scared me. It was both eyes. It was weird.

Today, I had a CT done just as a precaution. We were FLOORED to discover two small tumors. One on each side of the head. The episode from Saturday was a side effect of the two tumors. I will start steroids tomorrow to reduce some swelling and visit Dr. Reed in Starkville on Tuesday to do radiation. It is supposed to be specialized/targeted radiation, so it will be different than what I have seen of people radiating the entire brain. It is supposed to help control some of the side effects

It feels like a kick in the face. Especially now, with all that’s going on with my mother-in-law, who was recently diagnosed with a brain tumor.

This was such a shock today, but we know God is still good and He is in charge of this situation. I am still here for a reason.

Sandra is not at a point that she can speak, let alone have a good laugh. I hate that. We would have had a good cuss/cuss session this afternoon.

And despite the fact that Hee Haw is no longer on the air, Pepper can find any hoky song on the planet on YouTube. He has a special gift!

Please continue to pray for our family. We have a lot going on!

The Jetsons lead me on

Dr. Hill said we are trying a new chemo thing!

In 10-14 days, Pepper is going to be my chemo nurse! I will be starting a pill that I can take from home. I love the girls and guys at the chemo center in #Starkville, but now, no early morning appointments 40 minutes away! YAY!

Pepper said he is planning to be a tough nurse, so I need to plan for a LOT of what he calls “straightening out!” He said Sherry and Steve were “too soft” on me! (Oh my! He may be taking this a little too seriously!)

Well, my take on it is I really can live in my pajamas! (Hopefully I will snap out of it soon, but until then, it is #pjsallday!)

I have been in a LOT of pain since in #chemoembolism on March 30. I have been running fever and so incredibly sore. I have had this procedure a lot and I firmly believe I have never been this miserable with it! One night, my fever got up to 101.8. I am a 96-97 degree girl, so even at 99-100, I am fairly miserable. When the pandemic started, I would joke with the nurses that, “y’all will know if I have a fever, because I will be crawling on my hands a knees at 99 degrees.” I don’t do high temps! I’m a cold girl! Pep says I like to ‘make it snow’ in the car year-round!

While I have thought my sore left side was a swollen spleen, it’s not. It’s just an angry liver.

But I would like to say, today, I felt every single bump and pothole on Peppertown Road, Tomahawk Road, the Natchez Trace and every road in between. It was a rough ride there and back. So, as of today, I am ready for my flying car! The Jetsons lead me on! I was totally convinced we would be flying cars by now! Bring it on! I am ready! It needs to be black! I love a black car/helicopter! And I would look so cute in it (mainly because I would not be grimacing in pain!)

Thinking about apple pie

It is one of our favorite desserts.

And it has been a while since I have made one, but I am craving apple pie — flaky crust, soft, cooked apple, cinnamon and melted butter dripping with every bite…YUM!

I must make one tonight!!!!

Apple Pie Recipe

¾ cup sugar

2 Tablespoons All Purpose Flour

1 Teaspoon Cinnamon

¾ stick of real butter

3 cups or 5 medium-sized Granny Smith apples (thinly sliced)


2 9-inch unbaked pie crusts.


I use a Pillsbury uncooked pie crust that comes pre-prepared. All you have to do is unroll the dough. Super easy! I unroll the first pie shell and place it in the bottom of the pie pan. Peel and thinly slice five apples and put them in the pie shell. Sprinkle sugar, flour and cinnamon on the apples and place pats of butter on top. Unroll the second pie shell and cover the apples and seal the edges. Use a fork to put holes in the top of the pie shell. Place the pie on a cookie sheet while cooking in case of overflow. (I rarely happens, but it happens.) Bake for 45 minutes at 350 degrees.


I love it right out of the oven, but a slice will fall apart and look more like some sort of scrambled apple dessert. Once it sets a little, it is a little prettier. And so good with a scoop of vanilla ice cream! YUM!

Shoulder surgery rescheduled

Shoulder surgery has been rescheduled (say THAT three times!)

Due to last week’s snow storm, Pepper’s surgery has been rescheduled for tomorrow (Wednesday) morning at 5:30 a.m. WHEW! That’s early!

Sandra will take Pep tomorrow to surgery and dad is taking me to chemo! It takes a village, and tomorrow, we are taking some of our “villagers” to Starkville! 😂🤣

We are doing the “good” shoulder first, because if there is no intense pain, he may not return to do the other shoulder!!! I know him!

Please say a little prayer for Pepper tomorrow. He will do the next shoulder in about two months. And then all that physical therapy! It is going to be a LONG year! I’m afraid there will not be very much singing and dancing going on here for a while! 😜