Gwen--smallSo if I was a contestant on Wheel of Fortune…

Hi! My name is Gwen Sisson. I am from the Peppertown community of Bellefontaine, Miss. I was born on Valentine’s Day! I am married to my wonderful husband, Pepper. We enjoy the world’s sweetest nieces and nephews. I graduated from the University of Mississippi with a degree in journalism. I have worked as a reporter, editor and photographer for over 15 years in the North Mississippi area. We are active members of Bellefontaine United Methodist Church. We are competitive Wheel of Fortune watchers…each night Pepper and I compete to beat one another and the contestants in solving the puzzle. Pepper always claims to have gotten more puzzles than me. He will even claim three or four puzzles solved before the show even comes on.

I am so ready for my million dollar spin with Pat and Vanna!


To learn a little more about my work, click resume.

Feel free to email me at gwenwoodssisson@yahoo.com.


From the WEBSTER COOKS section of the February 2017 Webster County edition of the Mississippi Extension Service Newsletter…


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